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06/20/2013 20:29 Kardashian Bastard Baby Not To Be Named Kaidence
A good name is Revenue Generation Unit Beta 1 Baby's purpose is to make money - Revenue Generation Unit Kim is second child of her mother - Beta Baby is first born - 1 (twins would be 1A, 1B)

03/28/2013 13:23 ryanair-2013-bikini-calendar-12
Most of them are kind of "Eek!", but I suppose 1 AM at an airport bar, they'd be looking okay. I bet all of them can handle their liquor no problem.

11/14/2012 18:02 Channing Tatum is apparently very handsome
Koko need tickle. You tickle Koko. Koko stick finger bum. Koko stink finger touch eye. Koko eye dirty. Koko hungry. Koko want melon. Give melon Koko. Yep, it's more interesting!