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03/28/2013 15:17 Ryanair Flight Attendants In Bikinis
I'd let these girls sell me some in flight "services".

03/11/2013 18:47 When Kendra Bends Over, She Wins
Is there some kind of buy one get one free special on shitty picture sets of D list celebs? Why else would you mother fuckers write up two shitty posts of the same worthless cunt from the same piece

03/07/2013 02:56 Could You Handle That Justin Bieber Was There Before You?
What the fuck are you talking about? I've got a 9 inch cock and I'm going where nobody has been before. When my cock rams her cervix and she cums so hard that her pussy clamps around my cock like sh

03/01/2013 03:21 Your Emails Are Being Read!
All I want is some decent tits and ass to jerk off to. Instead you guys are going out of your way to make my wood soft. A horse ass raping a goat would have been more exciting than this borderline c

02/28/2013 03:39 Is Manti Te'o the Slowest Undersized Gay Football Player Ever?
If I wanted to read about hoaxes, I'd go to snopes.

02/28/2013 03:37 Lena Dunham Wants To Bite Anne Hathaway's Teeth
No shit. I had to google the dumb twat because I had no idea who the fuck she is and even after that I have still don't know why I would or should care enough about her to shit in her mouth if she wa

11/28/2012 01:22 Paz de la Huerta doesnt need some fancy dressing room
No shit. Somebody fucked up on this one. I'm glad to see a set of tits on Tyler but what the fuck. There clearly should have been some kind of vag exposure between her pulling off her bikini and al