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03/20/2013 20:30 Coco's Boobs Won't Kill You
That bitch does nothing for old and fake.

03/20/2013 20:28 Emma Watson Covered Topless in the Natural Beauty Exhibition
Bill yes she is hot...extremely.

03/19/2013 21:16 Kim Cloutier Is Canadian, But Still Really Good Looking
I already knew Canada has some nice hotties cause some of my favorite porn-stars are from Canada. Lanny Barbie, Kimberly Franklin, Gabrielle dont know last name, Christine Young, Judy Starr, that oth

03/14/2013 19:14 Nicki Minaj Blowing Up
Nope, not hot, not even close.

03/13/2013 20:24 Tamara Ecclestone Has Big Money and Big Boobs
Nice mature bod.

03/12/2013 20:04 Shit Happened Fast for Kate Upton
My face...all up in that.

03/12/2013 19:59 Point: Halle Berry Is OK At Best
Her looks jumped the shark about the same time she became a mom. She was really hot but that stupid short haircut and her age dont go well together.

03/06/2013 16:12 Some Girls Are Pissed At Each Other Over Football
Stupid bitch.

03/01/2013 16:51 Joan Rivers Compared Heidi Klum To The Holocaust
"The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens," Now thats funny. Good for her. Fuck PC-ness and sensitivity, lifes rough so get your back up you offended de

02/28/2013 17:42 Kelly Brook Wears a Short Dress So You Can See Her Crotch
Who is she? I don't know. But more please.

02/27/2013 18:54 Miss Teen Delaware Is An Inspiration To Us All
Lets circle back to her again in a year when she is strung out on meth and doing a blow-bang or bukkake.

02/27/2013 18:49 Miss Teen Delaware Is An Inspiration To Us All
Worst sex tape ever. She has no oral skills whatsoever but that being would not stop me.

02/21/2013 22:04 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
HAHAHA, dude is awol again. You know you substance abuse problem is serious when it keeps you from your job. And that job is to post 4 times a day to a website.

02/20/2013 16:23 Christina Ricci is still underrated
The fivehead would not stop me.

02/15/2013 17:19 Faith Hill is "shockingly" thin now, apparently

02/06/2013 15:03 And here we are...
Dont let that monkey take you down bro.

01/09/2013 22:42 ESPN apologized to Katherine Webb
She is attractive but at the same time I kinda agree there is something off. Like she has the long horseface going on.

12/07/2012 04:45 Bret Easton Ellis is being a jackass on twitter again
Ellis is correct. She is mediocre as compared to all directors. But as a female director she is among the cream of the crop. But nothing she has ever done is excellent.