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01/29/2013 00:27 Chris Brown investigated for assault again
May Chris Brown change for Goodness' sake.

01/26/2013 13:20 Taylor Swift is a Disney Princess (specifically, Rapunzel)
Janet Jackson deserved to be on here. Russell Brand would have made a better Pocahontas than Jessica Biel.

01/26/2013 13:18 dating Alessia Marcuzzi would be awesome
Her period.

01/26/2013 13:17 Friday Afternoon Headlines
This girl has too much grease in her flab.

01/23/2013 20:36 Aida Yespica is incredible, needs to grow up
This is what I am not talking about; booty too fat.

01/21/2013 18:30 Britney has no bra, engagment ring
I like that her Security guy looks really unattached.

01/21/2013 18:28 screw you Chris Hemsworth
His face is larger than his shoulder at least.

01/16/2013 20:53 Wednesday Morning Headlines
You play too much Soccer.

01/16/2013 20:51 it seems Jeremy Renner isnt gay after all
His eyebrows serve as his second and third moustache.

01/16/2013 20:50 Lindsay is still a professional escort
Her giggles still stop traffic!

01/16/2013 14:06 Wednesday Morning Headlines
Tom Cruise is such a punch to they kidney.

01/15/2013 21:32 Tuesday Afternoon Headlines
"it might not be the best idea in the world for a guy with his temper to date a girl who is super super pale." Oh, Goodness! Michelle Keegan reminds me of an insect.

01/15/2013 21:29 Nabilla Benattia is a mystery
This girl: I am jealous of!

01/15/2013 21:28 Lindsay fired her attorney
This young lady is a stupid.

01/14/2013 17:18 Jodie Foster sorta confirmed she was gay last night
What a dire confession.

01/14/2013 17:16 Tommy Lee Jones is not amused
Needs Tampax.

01/11/2013 19:56 Lindsay is just as awful and arrogant as you imagined
Don't hold your breath on Lindsay's success.

01/10/2013 23:02 Taylor Swift got dumped because she's "asexual and wouldn’t put out"
This is not uncommon.