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02/12/2014 15:42 Emilia Clarke Is The Most Desirable
Natalie Portman is not on the list at all. That's some brilliant work.

02/03/2014 18:26 George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West
@658811 Murderer? Probably not. Manslaughterer? Grossly negligent? Damn right. The DA in FL is just too stupid to take a slam dunk and tried for something that would never stick.

02/03/2014 12:02 Philip Seymour Hoffman Had a Lousy Super Bowl Sunday
Cry me a river, mrleelee123 and rvond.

01/28/2014 18:52 I'm Pretty Sure Katy Perry Is Pregnant
So you're saying her tits are going to get bigger?

01/27/2014 16:49 Anna Kendrick Was A Big Grammy Winner
Follow Kendrick's Twitter, she seems like an actually intelligent and funny person. I feel like that's rare among celebrities.

01/16/2014 16:17 Lauren Tannehill Leaves An AR-15 In The Trunk Of Her Rental Car
"Where I lived in George" All the people calling you gay were right! I guess at least you're a top and not a bottom.

01/15/2014 17:00 Kaili Thorne Has the Topless Older Sister Advantage
The article says it no fewer than twice. Bella Thorne.

12/18/2013 22:03 Abigail Breslin Goes Braless
At least not for another year, right Admiral?

12/13/2013 17:40 Beyonce Causes Collective Hollywood Orgasm
Admiral, were you as crazy over-the-top with your beliefs as a liberal as you are as a conservative?

12/12/2013 13:32 Kristen Stewart is the Mopey Face of Chanel's Offensive New Clothes
Hey at least her nipples are poking out.

12/04/2013 01:42 Oktoberfest Lip Biting Chick Just Might Be Single (VIDEO)
DrRocketships: Proofreading when criticizing grammar and spelling has some significant value.

12/02/2013 13:41 Maria Bello Is Gay Now Too
Admiral, you are either crazy or the master of parody.

11/28/2013 14:12 Kanye Says Kim And Not Kate Upton Is The New Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe? More like Marilyn the Ho.

11/23/2013 04:29 Courtney Stodden Is Enjoying The Single Life
That's a 19 year old girl. How is it even possible that she looks that used up?

11/20/2013 10:15 Today Kendall Jenner Becomes a Woman, Again
I'm not sold this is actually her. No way her tits are that big.

11/16/2013 03:07 Nina Agdal Isn't Wearing Much
Seriously people, you're dumbasses.

11/15/2013 16:07 138 Water Shoots Getting Better
At least your ads feature boobs.

11/13/2013 14:42 Conan O'Brien Pusses Out on Muslim Joke
Whoa there, Al, let's not get *too* crazy here.

11/12/2013 23:47 America, Fuck Yeah
People on the internet are capable of amazing mental gymnastics.

11/12/2013 15:03 Here's Another Reminder That Kendall Jenner Is Wealthier Than You
She is so talented.