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01/19/2013 14:25 Friday Afternoon Headlines
Mildly Tanned-- no shit you fucktard. $115 million is the public inauguration, which pays for security and clean up and shit. Every event in the inauguration, other than the swearing in ceremony, is n

01/19/2013 00:53 Friday Afternoon Headlines
Yo duhdale, you're right. Fractions of a penny do add up, and if you have an issue with 0.00025% of your taxes going towards paying the police and clean up teams required for a public inauguration cer

01/18/2013 23:59 Friday Afternoon Headlines
Yeah this is what happens when people get called out on bullshit. They bring up something totally different. Some more bullshit.

01/18/2013 22:18 Friday Afternoon Headlines
Yeah this is why a blog about celebrity tits shouldn't bother weighing in about politics. You say that Katy Perry and the rest will be playing for pointless-fake-swearing in parties that will cost the