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02/27/2013 21:47 Sex Dolls Won't Really Catch On Til They Look Like This
Bookmark deleted. So long shit heads.

02/26/2013 17:36 Kate Upton Doesn't Need No Airbrushing
Doesn't need no? You guys are just doing this on purpose now right? I mean, honestly, the people paid to write this blog now can't be this retarded?

02/25/2013 14:54 If You're Riding Your Pit Bull Cowgirl, You Just Might Be Bipolar
Not only is the writing terrible, this story is about a week old. So far this is not going well, but on the upside, there are actual posts today.

02/22/2013 20:50 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
Concurs with what ThisSiteIsGayPornography said. The only reason to even come to this site anymore is to bitch about how bad it has become.

02/21/2013 21:28 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
The new changes and dedication to the website are really working out. You actually had negative postings today since you didn't update the site today and actually a couple stories were deleted from ye

02/21/2013 16:36 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
Well he made it about a week. Congrats.

02/19/2013 20:33 Christina Ricci is still underrated
She has always been a big favorite of mine.

02/14/2013 14:53 Lady Gaga cancels her entire tour
I bet her injuries are directly related to her retarded wardrobe.

02/14/2013 13:57 Mila Kunis looks thrilled about her 'Oz' movie
You'd look unhappy too if you had to work with James Franco.

02/13/2013 18:06 Ke$ha drinks her own urine
I have to give it to her, she does an amazing job of tucking 'her' penis.

02/13/2013 16:01 James Franco is a natural at deep throat
The changes to the site have been amazing so far. Just look at too day for example. It's 3:00PM and there are two posts for today, one about a 50 year old woman w/ hard nipples that ceased to be relev

02/13/2013 10:38 Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great photoshopped
Yeah. She is a total pig. She should be taken out behind the set and shot in the head. Fucking moron. She is fucking hot.

02/07/2013 16:38 Mindy McCready was put in a psyche ward today
3:30PM on the East Coast and the site has had two fucking updates today. Glad to see the new changes are really working out.

02/06/2013 15:39 And here we are...
I'm with a couple of the other commenters, this is about the 10th time I have read that things are about to change and the site will get good again. It's bullshit. Why should I think this time will be

02/06/2013 10:47 Why Didn't This Work For Jessica Simpson?
I guess we are just supposed to forget how much this site has sucked and continues to suck because you write 'tits' at the end of each story. Douche.

02/05/2013 15:10 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
I've about had it with this site. I have been coming here for a long time and it was funny and amusing, but over the past year it has just sucked. There have been a lot of promises about making change