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06/11/2013 20:00 I Want a God Dammed Donut (VIDEO)
Do you even live in Los Angeles, or is that just bullshit. I do, and there are donut shops every 4 feet. I can't think of a single spot in this city that doesn't have a donut shop within walking dis

02/06/2013 15:54 And here we are...
Acadia, Not bad. You just gotta remember to breathe in through the side of your mouth, and out through the nose. And you can never eat asparagus.

02/06/2013 15:16 And here we are...
Yeah, like a lot of people coming out of the woodwork here, I'm a long-time reader, and rare commentor. In fact, I've commented once ever, a few years back, and I think it was to call everyone in the