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02/26/2013 08:42 So You Want to Be a Belittled Writer....?
Nice post, Colin. This is much better writing than yesterday.

02/26/2013 08:39 Irina Shayk Wants You To Almost See Her Nipples
Right on, Bill. Nice improvement. Keep it up.

02/25/2013 20:04 Guys Who Say Girls Don't Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper
L.A. Is overflowing with talented, comedic writers who put Brendon Sheen to shame, and Buzz comes up with this sorry lot? It's evidently apparent that none of the new writers have any experience. Word

02/25/2013 14:43 If You're Riding Your Pit Bull Cowgirl, You Just Might Be Bipolar
Not bad, Bill. The first paragraph was great. Then you lost it in that second paragraph with that 700 word sentence. Short and sweet, Bill. Short and sweet.

02/25/2013 14:20 This Is Not a Picture of Vanessa Hudgens Snorting Coke Off of A Topless Selena Gomez
Wow. Never have so many words been used to say so little. I almost miss Brendon Lohan. Almost.

02/24/2013 11:58 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
"I bet BrEnDoN doesn’t even lift" Brendon has as much self-discipline and dedication as Lindsay Lohan. Two qualities that are necessary to lift. I doubt he's ever seen the inside of a gym. Bonni

02/07/2013 20:36 Emmy Rossum has to wait in airport lines too
Amazing! I almost didn't recognize the site! It's like you've completely re-invented the entire internet, dude!

02/06/2013 20:05 And here we are...
"Waaaah!! I'm sad!! I don't wanna work!!! I promise I'll make everything better.....tomorrow". Jerkoff.Time for your Overlords to fire your irresponsible, drug-addicted ass and replace you with someon