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04/03/2014 01:43 Bria Murphy in A Bikini Playing Volleyball
The post pic body is pretty good. I am seriously confused by who this site deems hot or awful. Huge fake tits are not a good look in my opinion.

04/03/2014 01:36 Kate Upton In a Bikini for The Other Woman
I work with several girls with tits as big as Kate. They also have tighter stomachs and bigger hips/ass3s. I think she is pretty hot, but I dont get her worldwide fame. There are plenty of hot women w

04/03/2014 01:29 Gwyneth Paltrow Struggled Quietly, In Between the Lies
By posts I mean the articles, the scant comments are usually funny besides the spam. Some of my comments are deleted, but the spam offers make it through? Ummm, drink 128 water?

04/03/2014 01:25 Gwyneth Paltrow Struggled Quietly, In Between the Lies
Are my comments banned? Sorry if this is a paraphrased repeat. Why all the hate on "gay beethoven"? He seems like an ok dude. I envy his options if he is straight and i dont care if he is gay. Not a

03/18/2014 01:38 Bruce Jenner Loves Manly Shit Like RC Helicopters
I didnt believe this story, but after the second picture i give up. I guess he wants to live his remaining years a a sort of woman.

03/18/2014 01:27 St. Patrick Was an Asshole
I don't like any organized religion, but Johnny Big Rig mushroom stamped beyler. Everyone who rips on Christians should prove their big balls by publicly ripping Jews, Muslims and Hindus too. All I he

03/14/2014 20:01 Scarlett Johansson's Tits Are Pregnant
You could feed a village with each tit.

03/14/2014 19:52 Your Problems Are Crap Compared to Rebeca's
I went to Binghamton University. What an obscure reference.

03/14/2014 02:44 Jen Selter Is Ruined
Too cute for butterface. Too muscular for the average hetero. I would buttboink her and take the questions later. She is an 8/10 in my scorecard. Overrated for sure, but i never fooked a girl who base

03/14/2014 02:33 Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Some
I would pay 20 bux to bang her cottage cheese ass. My wife might even spot me the twenty.

03/12/2014 21:43 The Lindsay Lohan Sex List Is Here
If she is free from STDs then she is still decent looking enough to bang. Her tits have held up pretty well thus far and she only looks like she is in in her late 30's. I imagine if she is alive in th

03/09/2014 02:52 Ireland Baldwin Has a Good Head on Her Tits
Sorry for being annoying and repetitive, but that must be some sort of saline line pump. I have never seen a pump that low, but i also have never seen a vein like that.

03/09/2014 02:49 Ireland Baldwin Has a Good Head on Her Tits
Hugh, great point. As an RN my life would be much easier if I had veins like that to start an IV. Wonder if I would get fired for charting "heplock on inferior right breast". I have never even contemp

03/09/2014 02:42 Ireland Baldwin Has a Good Head on Her Tits
I never was a big fan of Kim, but the mom was hotter back in the day.

03/09/2014 02:39 Aaron Carter Wants Hilary Duff Back
I am amazed to see two famous people without bleached veneers.

03/09/2014 02:35 Katy Perry Has No Game Whatsoever

03/09/2014 02:35 Katy Perry Has No Game Whatsoever
Kety is a decent looking chick with amazing natural tits. Miley is almost cute from the neck down in a pixie kind of way. The omnipresent long tongue, the dyke haircut and the superhighcut bikinis kin

03/09/2014 02:25 Playboy Has Lost Its Mojo
Just judging by famous women: face is mediocre and kind of mannish, tits are superb, stomach to hips ratio is poor. I would imagine that she has a flat ass. I'd rather boink her mom. (And yes, I did s

03/07/2014 14:53 Poor Corey Feldman Is Down To One Angel
I took a Shit the other day and it looked exactly like this picture of corey Feldman. The only difference is that the dook was larger than this midget.

03/07/2014 02:01 Khloe Kardashian Gets Her Tits Self-Tanned (VIDEO)
Is it "self-tanning" if someone else is doing the tanning for you?