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01/29/2014 00:42 I'm Pretty Sure Katy Perry Is Pregnant
Katy Perry's face is a 10 and her tits are 10s. And I wish I was the one who impregnated her. But I didn't, because I'm a pud knocker.

08/15/2013 11:05 Paparazzi Made Kendall and Kylie Jenner Illiterate
Two nothing nobodys with makeup, and attitudes like they ARE somebody. WRONG.

07/18/2013 09:53 Alyssa Milano Still Using Her Boobs To Sell
She's definitely one of the hottest 40 year olds on the planet.

07/16/2013 00:44 Jenny McCarthy Is the New Girl at 'The View'
Bang Ding Ow !

06/24/2013 19:13 Farrah Abraham Has New Boobs, Again
She forgot to get the brain implant.

05/24/2013 22:52 Porn Is The New Sex Ed
Double penetration is old hat. Triple pen is better. Triple anal is even better. (Yes, I have seen it done.) No shit.

05/22/2013 12:35 Heather Graham At The Hangover III Premiere
Heather is past her prime, but she's still hot, sweet, and fun.

05/15/2013 09:29 OJ Simpson Looks Like Hell
Most people have a forehead. Some, like Tyra Banks, have a five head. O.J. has a ten head. You could kill somebody with that giant head. So watch out, O.J. co-prisoners!

05/03/2013 15:52 Sneak Peek at Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape
Here's 7 topless photos of horseface. http://www.egotastic.com/photos/more-topless-screencaps-from-farrah-abraham-sex-tape/farrah-abraham-sex-tape-stills-06/full-size/#imagetop

04/18/2013 21:21 Kim Kardashian Can Now Be Seen From Space, With the Naked Eye
That ass can be seen from, you guessed it, Uranus.

03/15/2013 19:29 Maria Menounos Too Good Looking for Chick Television
I don't care about her less-than-amazing ass, or her saggy tits. But I must say that her hairless pussy looks inviting: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QAhRH8nqmsc/TwGKPi_e31I/AAAAAAAAWpg/88lW1HnBSgc/s16

02/27/2013 22:06 Sex Dolls Won't Really Catch On Til They Look Like This
Can we gat back to dreaming about Maria's hairless pussy, which we all should have seen when she had that bikini bottom malfunction.

02/18/2013 13:23 Mindy McCready killed her dog then committed suicide
Yeah, Doo Doo. In her sex tape, you can just barely her her say "You wanna do anal?" They the guy said, "You wanna do it now?". Then he applies some lube and pounds the, well, shit out of her ass. Fuc

02/13/2013 00:48 Daisy Fuentes plays it cool
She was always braless when she hosted the America's Funniest Videos show about 20 years ago. The only reason to watch that show was to look for her nipples poking through.

02/07/2013 23:59 Mindy McCready was put in a psyche ward today
Mindy McCready's sex tape is the only celebrity sex tape I've ever seen where the woman did anal, so she's crazy sexy. That dude that recently died might be the same guy that banged the shit out of he