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03/28/2013 14:40 Prince William Becomes Another Useless Fucking Royal
The site isn't the same without the B man but this guy did pretty well here. The snarky attitude mixed with copious amounts of profanity made it feel like the old site again. Keep it up, but keep a

02/26/2013 13:18 Argo Wins Best Picture, Iranians Pissed
I'm fucking Persian you ignorant piece of shit. You don't have a goddamn clue about the country, it's culture, or it's customs. I bet you base everything you know in the world on Fox News and use it a

02/25/2013 16:17 FYI, Brendon Takes a 'Holiday'
Thanks for the laughs Brendon. Without you, I don't see WWTDD lasting that long. I for one, won't be supporting this shitpile and these imitators any further. Bookmark removed, OUT.

02/11/2013 15:58 Taylor Swift still acts like a 15 year old
I have to say, I think I hate Taylor Swift more than I hate Lindsey Lohan. This girl bitches about her fucked relationships more than any girl I've ever known or been with. I mean, Jesus, get over it