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07/01/2013 22:03 Corey Feldman in Hollywood With Three Girls
Damn, I thought you were throwing a softball til you went to the "wrong Corey died" line. P.S. I still give Feldman a pass because of "Stand By Me".

04/14/2013 14:19 Beaver Kills Man (VIDEO)
I agree, no more Beiber articles until that little freak kills someone. (or himself)

04/14/2013 14:07 Jaime Pressly And Estella Warren Fight Now With Cops
Swords to "Plow" shares indeed, well done sir.

03/03/2013 15:40 Miss Teen Delaware Lies Like a Porn Star (VIDEO)
what happened to yesterdays post? We're averaging one post a day with a 50/50 chance of it being taken down. This makes me miss the reliability of the previous writer.

02/28/2013 17:03 Ke$ha Is Still Disgusting
So the writers aren't showing their names anymore. What made them join witness protection, our threats or their embarassment ?

02/27/2013 22:27 Is Manti Te'o the Slowest Undersized Gay Football Player Ever?
Maybe I'm just a dumb redneck, but I got a chuckle out of this one.

02/14/2013 00:13 Lindsay Lohans still got it
The slogan "Making AIDS History" means to eliminate AIDS so that it only exists in history books. Has someone explained this concept to Lindsey, because she seems to be acting as if it was some Gui