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04/16/2013 21:40 Amanda Seyfried Won't Get Naked, But She Will Suck
She has already appeared topless in movies so why would anybody care if she didn't pose "nude" in a magazine that wouldn't have actually shown her naked anyways? Jesus christ are you people really the

04/02/2013 14:48 Jennifer Lawrence is Smoking
These pictures were all over the internet over a month ago, wow you guys suck now. Judging by the lack of comments I wonder just how much less traffic you guys have then when Brendon would do 2-4 post

02/25/2013 17:17 Guys Who Say Girls Don't Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper
Ok I'm done with this site. By the way, Bren is still in control of wwtdd twitter handle if anyone is interested.

02/25/2013 16:44 Just How Fucking High Was Kristen Stewart?
Seeing as how she used crutches to walk down the red carpet, I'm guessing she was on pain killers. Also, unless you've never smoked weed before, you don't act like that. And by calling it trainwreck

02/22/2013 14:43 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
Why don't you just stop coming to this site? Are your lives so empty that you come here just to cry about him not posting a story every day? I think he'd be fine if you guys just stopped coming here.