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04/02/2013 14:28 Khloe and Lamar Screw Cancer Patients in the Stomach
Terrible that you cant curse in comment any more. Y-O-U A-R-E F-A-G-G-O-T-S

03/21/2013 15:26 China Challenges America With The Sausage Double Beef Burger
Yea, I gotta agree with gkline. This was an awful post. Way too long. And not about shitting on fuckface celebs. Stop that!

03/13/2013 12:36 Kim Kardashian Gets Bloody Money Shot
I like that this didn't go on forever. Insult stupid whore KK and get out. Love it.

03/06/2013 14:21 It's About Time for a Kicked Up National Anthem
Oh wow, this is terrible. Where did this even come from...? Stop reaching and writing so much. I can't make it through any of these article any more.

02/28/2013 15:43 Brandi Glanville Has A Book? It Will Be A Movie?
Stealing a Howard Stern interview and making it seem like your original thought. k thx bye ff

02/25/2013 13:04 FYI, Brendon Takes a 'Holiday'
If todays comments are any indication it means that the comments should be short and sweet and not attempt to be funny. AS THESE WANKERS WRITE TERRIBLE SHIT COMPARED TO OUR FALLEN BLOGGER. I made a

02/25/2013 13:02 Just How Fucking High Was Kristen Stewart?
Sweet mother, the wanker that wrote this is sooooo fuckin douchy. Get a clue fuckface.