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02/27/2013 08:16 When Did Russians Get So Awesome?
You win.. I was going to ride this shithole out for a week hoping for the best but.. Nope.. I can't do it. Liveleak videos of Russian dashcams now? You just went full Buzzfeed.. Holy shit..

02/27/2013 01:50 Sofia Vergara Still Not Dead
This entire shithole has turned into TMZ style reporting by college kids randomly cursing and trying to sound edgy..

02/26/2013 17:37 Kate Upton Doesn't Need No Airbrushing
You know shit is bad when TMZ articles have a better chance of making you laugh then the shit the mongoloids here coming up with.

02/26/2013 14:29 It's Always Better to Be Hot Than Not
Now they're posting pictures of women dressed up like guys... Holy fuck.. It's amazing how fast this unfunny group of shills sank a ship so fast. Brendon in one year didn't do as much damage to this

02/26/2013 11:45 Karina Derizans Is New Here, Wears Bikinis
Who still uses the term "internet famous" in 2013? Terrible Buzzmedia hack writers that's who.. This is awful and unfunny. Just... Stop.. Posting.. I'm riding this shitstorm out for this week.

02/26/2013 02:07 So You Want to Be a Belittled Writer....?
You dumb motherfuckers don't get it.. You can't replace Brendon. Brendon was this site and the site was Brendon. It's going to go over as well as when they made Paul Rodgers the new lead singer of Que

02/25/2013 20:26 FYI, Brendon Takes a 'Holiday'
It's so sad how completely out of touch Buzzmedia is with the audience Brendon attracted. These new writers are awful unfunny hacks. They think all they have to do is curse a lot and sound edgy that w

02/25/2013 16:46 Guys Who Say Girls Don't Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper

02/25/2013 16:10 J-Woww Gets $10K a Head to Herd Her Cattle to Vegas
Another wall of text of useless drivel..

02/25/2013 15:06 The Five Most Fucked-Up Moments of the Oscars
Did a 12 year old write this post?

02/25/2013 14:32 This Is Not a Picture of Vanessa Hudgens Snorting Coke Off of A Topless Selena Gomez
"Something fierce".. Shoot yourself for using that term.. Holy shit whoever is writing this shit is trying too hard..