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02/25/2013 21:33 FYI, Brendon Takes a 'Holiday'
Long time reader, but registered several minutes ago. Reading the posts today felt like slowly crawling through the Shawshank shit pipe. You guys are fucking clown shoes. I've been reading WWTDD

02/25/2013 21:14 If You're Riding Your Pit Bull Cowgirl, You Just Might Be Bipolar
"The cops might have felt more sympathetic had they not been vomiting a little bit in their mouths, so Kara Vandereyk of the 300 block of N. 16th Street, Las Vegas (we include her name and address jus

02/25/2013 21:08 Guys Who Say Girls Don't Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper
"Busy beaver be the former stripper turned into mom-friendly book writer, appearing by day at a practice session for what certainly must be the most idiotic television program in the long annals of su

02/25/2013 21:05 J-Woww Gets $10K a Head to Herd Her Cattle to Vegas
"Still finding it weird that we live in a country where oral sex is outlawed in numerous states, but the worst of the worst media content can be distributed to 90 million homes by MTV and shows like J