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03/08/2013 15:37 Tit-Poured Liquor: Genius or Just Genius?
Dear Johnny Redd, In the words of Harry from 'Dumber & Dumber:' Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!

02/28/2013 22:50 Your Emails Are Being Read!
I wonder if 'New Coke' got this much hate mail.

02/28/2013 19:48 Your Emails Are Being Read!
It's crazy that we as blog followers have to comment on what we want to read. Isn't that the Bloggers job to find shit we want to read about?!!?!? Then they post a job application on the site asking

02/28/2013 19:32 Your Emails Are Being Read!
' This is only day four.' A well wishing or a hex?

02/28/2013 18:55 Ke$ha Is Still Disgusting
To all the people writing comments: The site is dead. The original author is gone and the current writers are all corporate. It's like when your girlfriend breaks up with you. It sucks, but it'

02/28/2013 18:40 Erin Heatherton Doesn't Belong In Mexico City

02/28/2013 18:38 Morrissey Still An Obnoxious Pussy
The only thing 'murdered' was this blog earlier this week. I hate Morrissey, but I'm not about to flaunt my awesome biceps in support of this now shitty blog.

02/27/2013 20:45 Sex Dolls Won't Really Catch On Til They Look Like This
Here are the five sites I visit each morning beefwhore work: 1: deadspin 2. WWTDD 3: GORILLAMASK 4: 5: IDONTLIKEYOUINTHATWAY.COM 6: * #2 sucks monkey nuts now. I'v

02/27/2013 19:54 Sex Dolls Won't Really Catch On Til They Look Like This
lick-it, send me your email address and i'll let you know.

02/27/2013 19:43 Sex Dolls Won't Really Catch On Til They Look Like This
I've been a follower of Brendon for 1/5 of my life. His shit was clever, amusing and unique. BuzzMedia came up and bought the site and turned it into a hippos dirty butt hole. I am an owner of a co