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01/09/2014 20:17 Dennis Rodman Claims He Isn't a Traitor, Just a Drunk Asshole
Didn't Rob Ford already lay claim to the drunk asshole excuse? I suppose there's plenty to go around.

01/06/2014 16:16 Emily Ratajkowski Has Terry Richardson Stickers On Her Nips
Yabbos sounds like a thinly veiled attempt at trying not to sound gay.

12/20/2013 12:39 Dylan Penn Blessed to Look Like Mom
Turgid is an awesome word.

12/20/2013 11:54 Michael Buble is Not So Good at Telling Jokes
I thought it was funny-ish. Not like Louis CK funny, but you know.

12/04/2013 14:32 French Prosecutors Going After Bob Dylan
I loves me some titties.

11/27/2013 08:48 Stoning Is Back, Finally
Pound the meat, get buried and beat.

11/18/2013 22:14 Rob Ford Gut Checks Toronto Councilwoman to the Ground (VIDEO)
Chris Farley was fat-funny. Rob Ford is fat.

11/14/2013 08:26 Jillian Michaels Drugged Her Fatties
She is a fiiine lookin woman.

11/07/2013 12:14 A Brazilian Prostitute Sort Of Proved She Slept With Justin Bieber (VIDEO)
Or sure, everyone thinks whores are trustworthy - and then this happens.

11/06/2013 13:49 Richie Incognito Is That Guy
He looks like the fat kid on the smartie.

10/22/2013 08:01 Disturbed Man Gets $100K In Plastic Surgery To Look Like Bieber
He looks like Bieber? Hope you kept your receipt buddy.

10/22/2013 07:59 Jets Fans Don't Know What to Do With Success (VIDEO)
Christ this tub of shit hit her when her head was turned, and he still didn't even knock her over. To say he hits like a girl is giving him too much credit.

10/18/2013 07:35 Joanna Krupa Washes Her Husband's Car In A Bikini Top
Nice bikini-top paint. That is paint, right? Or maybe onion paper. Either way, well done.

10/16/2013 10:22 Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Finally Released Their Duet (VIDEO)
If this song is released, the terrorists have won.

10/16/2013 09:03 Stacy Keibler Had The Best Birthday Week
Gold paint can't cover the nasty on those models. Rib cage protrudes more than tits.

10/08/2013 10:23 Ruby Rose Claimed She Had Sex With Demi Lovato
More details please....

10/04/2013 07:25 Pamela Anderson Topless at a French Beach
I'd tap that.

09/18/2013 16:31 Insane Clown Posse Sued For The Gift Of Dildo
Douchenozzle is a funny word. And Admiral, be careful what you wish for. How hot could she be working for these...well clowns I guess.

09/10/2013 08:00 Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Bare Boobs On The Red Carpet
Pretty titties.

09/02/2013 22:16 Hayden Panettiere In A Bikini
Those are obviously not home-grown.