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03/07/2013 11:35 Ali Landry Is Pregnant Again
So you want to beat her with a brick? Sure she's not the best out there but hardly fit for a bricking.

03/06/2013 18:27 The Reason It's Good to Be Michael Bublé
I love how this place has completed the transition to 100% irrelevant. Your news stories are late by DAYS, your writing is terrible, the wit has disappeared, and to top it off, nothing but malware war

02/28/2013 19:49 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Actually, fuck the being nice part. How about all the simple errors that have already been pointed out just yesterday alone which STILL aren't fixed? You replaced one lazy guy with a herd of lazy, une

02/28/2013 19:36 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Yeah, we'll see. So far the grammatical errors and shitty posts is speaking volumes for itself. Check out the paragraph you made out of 2 sentences and 4 commas.

02/27/2013 17:50 Is Manti Te'o the Slowest Undersized Gay Football Player Ever?
Actually the originally wording was "aaah duhhhh, ahyuck" so he expanded by using irrelevant pictures.

02/27/2013 17:43 Lena Dunham Wants To Bite Anne Hathaway's Teeth
It is actually catapulting further daily. Been coming here for years at least entertained, but the shitty, hack writing here is disgusting. This place officially has the luster of a turd without being

02/27/2013 17:36 Is Manti Te'o the Slowest Undersized Gay Football Player Ever?
Stop trying to make sense. There is no room for logic here. Just lazy shit writing.

02/27/2013 17:34 Miss Teen Delaware Is An Inspiration To Us All
What a dive. At least she had a choice, this place just keeps getting raped.

02/27/2013 16:22 Justin Bieber Is Still A Badass
Another wonderful display of Steve's grade-school dropout of an education in writing here. Nice omission of words that actually complete the sentence and bravo on shrugging off the obviously unneeded

02/27/2013 16:15 Kanye Tells Kris Jenner To Go Fuck Herself...Politely
Holy fuck, could you at least TRY to use editing skills before clicking post. Your grammar sucks, and it's a DUAL not a DUEL you half aborted shit-stick. Yes unban all the old posters and welcome them