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01/08/2014 17:24 Shia LaBeouf Is Plagiarizing Again
It's probably a schtick. He's playing edison or something soon probably....

12/31/2013 15:40 The Yakuza and The Homeless Will Have Fukushima Fixed Up In No Time
You should read up on the Yakuza before you make such posts ;) They do more good than the police in most countries.

08/27/2013 20:27 Women Protest For International Go Topless Day 2013 At Venice Beach
I think we all like the redhead in front

08/27/2013 20:25 Brenda Song Is The Perfect Birthday Guest
Isn't the friend Nicky Whelan?

05/25/2013 10:34 Spanish Teacher Fired For Saying Negro
The Mildly Tanned Knight 05/24/2013 19:00 And the Liberals have officially won….. Nice sarcasm

05/13/2013 15:22 A Couple British Birds and My Golden Gate Fantasy
"Here’s one thing no British person finds amusing — making fun of the royals" You haven't watched many british comedians I take it? :D

03/06/2013 23:48 Reality TV Is Less Crappy In Europe
Love how most people think you're serious here now. Over half the reality shows in the USA now are ripoffs, spin-offs and subsidiaries. :P