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01/17/2014 15:11 Maria Menounos Has Stamina
How much does this woman's agent pay to be on this site?

10/19/2013 18:31 Samantha del Valle In A Bikini On The Beach In Punta Cana
Do the first two sentences even go together? I've never heard of Punta Cana. I know Punta Cana is in the Dominican. Did two people write this by alternating at the keyboard?

08/13/2013 18:18 Hannah Anderson's Kidnapper's Dad Also Liked to Kidnap Teen Girls
I keep waiting for the story that says it wasn't really an "abduction" per se.

07/11/2013 12:56 Anne Hathaway Apparently Started A Ska Band
I thought Justin Long was the female version of Justin Long.

03/29/2013 15:10 Vanessa Hudgens Bra Peek
Ahh yes remind of us when this site used to just show the nudity and make fun of celebrities instead of posting blatant commercials for their movies in a post with an ad for their latest film right at