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12/04/2013 18:02 Colleen Shannon Poses In Lingerie For The 138
Is 138 the contractual number of posts you're required to make, shilling water while "mocking" it? Do you ever feel like you're missing the point, rogue-ishly poking fun of a subject while glorifying

08/30/2013 15:48 Lamar Busted Trying to Escape Kardashian County
Man, that stretch of freeway by Calabasas is completely unpatrolled, free from cops at all times. Try the other side of Sepulveda, ie not KardashiLand ...if you're going to take the time to write a

08/26/2013 14:08 Backdoor Teen Mom Fans Rush to Buy Farrah Abrahams Free Shit
Does "indescribably sad members buying her free shit" include website journalists paying for her press photos?

08/23/2013 15:59 Childhood Is Officially Dead, Ben Affleck Is Batman
This is the equivalent of all those people screaming on Twitter "Who the hell is Bonny Bear?!" after the 2012 Grammys. If you wanna pander, dude, go ahead, but a lot of credible news outlets are sa

05/10/2013 12:41 Courtney Stodden Is In the Studio
Re-reading that, the irony is, you're exactly like they are. You have become them. Have fun with that!

05/10/2013 12:41 Courtney Stodden Is In the Studio
Oh my God, you keep whining about how terrible this girl and the backdoor mom are, but you just keep posting about them. If you're going to blatantly whore out to all the pervs jacking it to this crap

05/03/2013 13:00 Sneak Peek at Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape
Every post like this gives her exactly what she wanted.

05/03/2013 11:59 Danny Brown Was 'Sexually Assaulted' On Stage
I'm pretty sure I read about this two days ago, and saw photos that say otherwise.

04/30/2013 21:53 Kendall Jenner Does Instagram Well
Ok, I laughed.

04/23/2013 21:41 Rihanna Needs Us
I prefer my writing to have a consistent voice, rather than the flavor-of-the-month vibe that "sells." Pardon me for demanding some substance.

04/23/2013 14:25 The Fat Scouts Introduce Video Game Badge
And that's how you make yourself look really stupid to 95% of your -internet blog- readership.

04/23/2013 13:23 Rihanna Needs Us Rihanna sure got hot fast, apparently.

04/19/2013 18:14 Just Ending for One Boston Bomber (Gory Death Photo)
His little brother has to be crapping his pants about now.

04/17/2013 18:42 'Chas' Takes Home the Devil's Gold
Remember when Doug moved from Nickelodeon to ABC? He was a couple years older, everyone's clothes and hair were just a little tweaked, the title intro was different.... This is exactly like that. Y

04/15/2013 18:47 Banner Contest Voting Time
Those all look like intro banners to segments on The Soup. Keep the original, Entertainment Tonight.