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04/08/2014 20:02 Justin Bieber Goes To Walmart
i believe (excuse me, BELIEB) 100% of anything said about this twat acting like an a-hole

04/08/2014 15:46 Tori Spelling Has the Consumption
When's she gonna learn it ain't your body honey. It's DAT FACE.

04/04/2014 22:58 Miley Cyrus Cried While Singing For Her Dead Dog (VIDEO)
huh. "Landslide" doesn't sound quite like I remember it...

04/04/2014 22:54 Jon Hamm Was Once On A Terrible Dating Show (VIDEO)
I had to go watch the rest of this to see. And no, she didn't pick Hamm, even though he was the audience favorite with his charming smile & massive manhood. Also, the host's name was Mark Wahlberg

04/02/2014 00:13 Farrah Abraham Is Fallon Opal, Woman of Lust
She needs to take those eyelashes down a notch. Girl, you s'pposed to trim them thangs.

04/02/2014 00:03 Anderson Cooper to Subsist Off Just His Millions
$100 net worth? Handies in the CNN bathroom are more than that...

03/28/2014 18:26 Cairo Seems Like a Great College Town
it's been well documented on other sites that she wasn't a blond. Anyone with eyes can see she's wearing a yellow hijab. a scarf. no one's hair looks like that.

03/24/2014 16:17 Mila Kunis Is Pregnant With A Douchebaby
""We have a thing called white T-shirt night and it's when you wear jeans and a white T-shirt and you go on a date," Kunis told Cosmopolitan recently... "Nothing fancy, it's just something that you lo

03/24/2014 16:12 Kim's And Kanye's Rep Claims They're Not Greedy
The charity caveat was a wise move towards making them look like the souless pigs they are if they dared turn it down for a lawsuit. Bravo, my new hero. Bra. Vo.

03/24/2014 16:09 Remember When You Wanted to Lick Tish Cyrus' Thighs?
My only comfort is know that this mess of potato is hereditary and Miley will have it as soon as her diet goes beyond weed, black guy spunk & the dignity of midgets.

03/24/2014 16:05 Lady Gaga Is Music
It's literally everything wrong with music today. Sometimes, listening to this or Kanye, I think I maybe died and I'm stuck in some alternate dimension where all this shit makes tons of money & to

03/24/2014 15:59 Alec Baldwin's Wife Still Trying to Get Noticed
Someone needs to remind her that standing on your head isn't all that hard or impressive. You have a wide base with your hands & once you're up there, you're up there. There's breakdancers in the

03/24/2014 15:51 Danielle Knudson Canadian Models Bikinis
I love how these girls are always "tomboys" to make them more down to earth unicorns. Esp. if they "liked sports" because that's not for girls. And how she lists figure skating as one of those- real b

03/21/2014 22:51 This Nun Is The New Susan Boyle (VIDEO)
It gets to a point where they just have to turn around b/c eveyone gave a standing ovation for no reason. You know the judges are just DYING for that moment it's a Siamese Twin doing a duet.

03/19/2014 23:34 Belle Knox Hits the Stripper Pole to Double Down on Feminist Points
Dr Mindbender, both. since she's got a nose for academics and p.o.s. prom heels on one side, on the other she's got the leg scars & body of someone who knows nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

03/11/2014 15:14 Britney Spears Has Still Got It
is she chewing something in that picture? or is that just her face now?

03/11/2014 15:07 Lena Dunham Can't Seem to Get It Right
I'm confused by that clip. Who gets kinky in grey cotton briefs?

03/11/2014 15:03 Rob Kardashian Too Fat To Be on the Bride Side
Get fat so you don't have to be part of the Kardashian family shenanigans? Truthfully, sounds like a solid plan worth the sacrifice of bad cholesterol. Too bad it didn't work for Khloe or Kim...

03/07/2014 23:13 Anais Zanotti In Not Even a Bikini
bitch, it's a banana you grab from the Extended Stay breakfast spread. No one wants to see you ball suck on an apple. get it right.

03/07/2014 23:09 Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Are Making Things Happen
well great. they've entered the sweatpants part of their lesbian relationship. so glad.