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02/15/2014 00:24 Oscar Pistorius Really Misses the Girlfriend He Shot on Valentine's Day
"Of all the ways to lose the love of your life, I imagine shooting them in the head, hip, and arm as they crouch in fear behind a door is probably the toughest." Finally, a funny line from Lex. Do

02/04/2014 14:02 Kelly Brook Put On A Show In Miami
This has piss off the ex by getting together with a huge black guy written all over it.

02/03/2014 15:51 Philip Seymour Hoffman Had a Lousy Super Bowl Sunday
Mocking people or no, the greatest sin is the terrible writing. And it seems to me Lex is the worst offender. His attempts to pull off rapid fire, snarky, ranting type humor are painful to read. It

01/24/2014 22:14 Carmen Ortega Inspires Justin Bieber to Live For the Now
Bad timing for you Carmen, when the next story has Irina Shayk pictures.

01/16/2014 15:30 Brittany Norwood Is Having Arian Foster's Bastard Baby
Ni88er lover.

01/13/2014 20:41 Lena Dunham's Lucky Girdle Lets Her Down
Is he trying to be Dennis Miller? Also, I still think Dennis Miller is funny, you Rachel Maddow loving girly men.

01/08/2014 14:31 Shia LaBeouf Is Plagiarizing Again
Even with short hair, that is a lot of scalp old Shia is showing.

12/27/2013 17:18 Red Lobster Isn't Closing, Stop the Fucking Riots
Fire Lex and people will come back to this site. He is awful. One forced joke, insult, clever remark, after another. None of them funny.

12/24/2013 14:11 Cindy Crawford Might Still Be Good Looking
I see Lex is still here, not funny as always. How far have the numbers at this site fallen? Is it really that difficult to hire funny writers and pick good stories?

11/28/2013 16:17 Kanye Says Kim And Not Kate Upton Is The New Marilyn Monroe
The qwik e mart is real...d'oh!

11/27/2013 14:21 Mel Gibson is Dressing His Age
After all the good movies he has made, including Get the Gringo, and the fact that he does not give two shits about portraying an image, I love me some Mel Gibson.

11/21/2013 15:23 Ashton Kutcher Puts on His Smart Boy Glasses
Not unlike a stopped clock, sometimes even lex is right. Although far less than twice a day.

11/20/2013 21:28 Amy Markham Looks Sad But Her Boobs Look Happy
yeah, the nipple placement is all wrong

11/17/2013 15:03 Alec Baldwin Trots Out Gay Hairdresser to Prove He's Not a Homophobe
Admiral, I'm a conservative, but that is the same shit libs say about us. If we are gonna be intellectually honest about why people are liberal we should just admit the truth. They are either lazy

11/16/2013 09:04 Nina Agdal Isn't Wearing Much
We shouldn't compare this to the scene in The Jerk. When Lex makes a post it must be compared to every post ever made, and wasn't made. Lex has been trying to be funny for some time now. Which wo

11/13/2013 16:24 Nina Agdal Has a Wardrobe Malfunction
An angel sent from heaven to blow me.

11/13/2013 13:20 America, Fuck Yeah
Logic and reason leads one to making im-so-enlightened anti-military comments on a humor website on veterans day? Winning converts or being a douchbag? which do you think happened here?

11/13/2013 11:28 Conan O'Brien Pusses Out on Muslim Joke
So is it too on the nose to put her in a sequined burka?

11/12/2013 20:01 And Yet They Just Keep on Posing for 138 Water
Goddamn it, how much are these pricks paying you to push this stupid water, and how dumb do you think the few people who still visit this site are? Just put up their ads and be done with it.

11/12/2013 10:38 America, Fuck Yeah
You can see by his avatar that he is educated. It lets everyone know exactly who they are dealing with. *points to brain*