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12/19/2013 21:39 Gay Activists TKO Duck Dynasty In Very First Round
this post is another reminder that you can't write man.. or miss.. The charm of brendan was a simple straight forward bro-logic that was a short and funny synopsis of whatever he had just posted.. whi

10/31/2013 18:38 Anne Hathaway Makes Breast Cancer Event All About Her
Jack > Lex

08/22/2013 22:37 Australian Vaginas Need Some Work
I was so nearly confident Lex was a woman trying to portray a man to stay in sync with what I presume is a largely male dominated audience for this website.. now I'm not so sure. It used to be he.. sh

08/20/2013 19:24 Toni Braxton Still Worth Seeing in Concert (VIDEO)
Lex you're just terrible.

07/22/2013 14:49 Beyonce Looked Totes Awesome at Vigil For Trayvon Martin
This post highlights the difference between the old wwtdd and the new one with all the changes.. the old website had like 3 posts a day and never on a holiday, but they were great.. now its posts galo