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10/10/2013 11:17 Jimmy Kimmel And Kanye West Are Friends Again (VIDEO)
I had a Kanye once, then I learned to trim the hairs around my asshole

10/08/2013 12:06 Miley Cyrus Is Insanely Popular
Bieber has the exact same body

10/04/2013 10:58 Bieber Won't Get Reamed For Spitting On The Dick Next Door
<she paced about the room, as she is wont to do whenever she is agitated But I do not write for a living, I just have a vocabulary that I am wont to use

10/04/2013 10:55 Bieber Won't Get Reamed For Spitting On The Dick Next Door
Full Definition of WONT 1 : accustomed, used 2 : inclined, apt See wont defined for English-language learners » See wont defined for kids » Examples of WONT

09/27/2013 09:51 Jimmy Kimmel Is Feuding With Kanye West (VIDEO)
Kanye tells everyone how wonderful he is, I wonder why nobody believes him ?

09/16/2013 15:33 Justin Bieber Ruins Everything
I guess we know who offered the champ a oil rubdown after the fight

09/12/2013 10:34 A General Fuck You To Ignorant Cave Dwelling Assholes Everywhere
I came for the girls and stayed for the comments

09/09/2013 15:57 Iowa To Let Blind People Carry Guns. AMERICA!
Doesn't seem too odd, asking a blind man to describe the guy that just knocked him to the ground and stole all his possessions is.

09/08/2013 10:03 Young Kate Upton Poses For James Weber Photoshoot (UPDATED)
I would eat the undigested corn kernels in her shit

09/06/2013 12:48 Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Are Best Friends
It is good to see them surrounded by their biggest fans

08/28/2013 14:29 Justin Bieber Busted For Driving Without A License, Being A Dick
How many laws is this clown going to break before he is deported ?

08/23/2013 17:11 George Zimmerman Went Shopping For A Shotgun
I hope he gets a new gun, never know when a thug will want to teach a "scary cracker" a lesson

08/08/2013 19:17 Kim Kardashian Sticks Out Her Tongue and Says 'Ah... I'm Still Fucking Here'
"here" is not the correct spelling, it is whore

07/31/2013 15:32 Kate Upton's Breasts Look Strange
couldn’t help but notice that her breasts look a little strange. seems a little judgmental , get your hands on them and then make an assessment

07/30/2013 13:49 Drugs Found On Bieber's Tour Bus
This may be proof that it wasn't only the entourage that Bieber sucked on the bus

07/30/2013 13:48 Sydney Leathers In a Bikini (A Prelude to Porn)
Victims of theTitanic looked better after a few hours in the ocean

07/28/2013 17:00 Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Charity
Interestingly enough she seems more manly than Justin Beiber