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03/27/2014 20:33 The Kim Jong Un Cut Suddenly Becomes Popular in North Korea
If all the men in NK are sporting the same haircut then that makes it rather difficult to target the real kim jong un; which makes me wonder what they're really up to.

03/24/2014 20:13 Lady Gaga Is Music
I was born in the 60's, love rock and pop from the 50's - 90's and some from the early 2000's. But I do not get today's music at all, it doesn't even sound like music.

03/18/2014 20:53 Farrah Abraham Is Blowin' (VIDEO)
I'd have to drink myself stupid before I could stick my dick into her stupid ass. Of course then I'd be too drunk to stick my dick into much of anything which is stupid.

02/24/2014 20:49 This Waffle Is Really Pissing Me Off
It looks more like severely diseased prolapsed vagina than a taco. Hey, that gives me an idea!

02/11/2014 21:04 Farrah Abraham Goes Round Two of Backdoor Teen Mom
At least she found *something* she can do, her parents must be proud!

12/10/2013 22:50 Lady Gaga Likes Attention
Is that little girl holding a f'reakin' Lady Gaga doll? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...over?

11/23/2013 11:06 Courtney Stodden Is Enjoying The Single Life
Life must really suck when your nothing more than a bottomless cum bucket for perverted geriatrics.

11/20/2013 21:54 Arab Women Going Anal
Anal is over-rated. Yeah, I've done a couple woman up the backside because they wanted it, but it's nothing compared to a good ol' fashioned BJ or hot, wet, throbbing coochie.

11/20/2013 21:50 Amy Markham Looks Sad But Her Boobs Look Happy
The heart shaped bikini says it all, I think I know a way to cheer her up.

11/15/2013 21:43 Courtney Stodden Admitted She Doesn't Read
Can't read or write? I hope she doesn't drive.

11/11/2013 20:47 The Lady Gaga Vagina Ball Statue Is Already Done
"mole like creature with a giant blue ball birthing out of her cloacal sac" LOL!

11/05/2013 20:41 Kris Jenner: Would You Like to Buy My Daughters Photoshoot
I might let her blow me if she said please and her mom was there to watch. No thanks on pics.

10/30/2013 22:10 Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Arrested For Smuggling Canadian Douchebag
A girls best friend isn't diamonds, it's a good make up artist and Photoshop.

10/24/2013 19:56 Lady Gaga Looks Amazing
I always figured she'd look a lot better bagged and standing on her head naked with the lights off. But in true Gaga style she took it up a notch and wore a fur Triscuit mask! My heart is all aflut

10/21/2013 19:54 Courtney Stodden Got New Lips
Those lips draw way too much attention to her Butterface, she's officially a double bagger now.

10/17/2013 21:28 Kim Kardashian's Ass Is Back To Pre-Baby Size
So she thinks she's Sophie Turner now?