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04/03/2014 22:10 James Franco Tries to Bang a Scottish Teen
"technically (legal) in New York?" I'm sure it's totally legal. The age of consent in NY is 17, so if she's being honest.... I don't know if the law applies to foreign nationals, but if I thought t

09/23/2013 17:04 Demi Lovato Performs At A Microsoft Store Opening; Bear Kills a Monkey
WHY are they trying to stop the bear? That monkey ain't never going to be right again. Let the bear eat the monkey....

07/10/2013 12:53 Tiffany Taylor Strips For A Bikini Photoshoot
I don't care that it was 15 years ago. She's still one of my favorites.

05/01/2013 20:43 Nicole Richie Gets Candid, You Get Educated
"...light skinned for a black person." Exactly how black are you Nicole, really?

04/26/2013 14:03 JWOWW Is An 'Actress' Now, But It's Not Porn
Just a little lopsided there Jenni....

04/22/2013 21:43 Kim Kardashian Admits to Being a Hypocrite
Short, I just figured if she's going to be stating the obvious, she might as well cover all the bases (her ass is big enough for it).

04/22/2013 13:26 Kim Kardashian Admits to Being a Hypocrite
Has she admitted yet to being a no-talent fame whore?

04/11/2013 12:49 This Guy Wants To Become A Human Tampon (VIDEO)
He's certainly on his way to becoming a douche.

02/20/2013 16:45 this might be why Alec Baldwin is always so cranky
Sorry, but I did a Google image search for Ireland Baldwin & she looks MUCH better with sunglasses on.

02/15/2013 17:43 Genevieve Morton is highly, highly underated
I think I have to call bullshit on the tits thing....

01/23/2013 16:58 Wednesday Afternoon Headlines
If you don't know how to take a dook & pound one out with your clothes on, then you're not trying hard enough.

01/04/2013 22:13 Lindsay Lohan is an actual prostitute now
Me too Dr. Gonzo.... I'm good for three fitty.

01/02/2013 19:56 Sofia Vergara doesnt hold a grudge
Sofia, if you ever get tired of Nick treating you like shit (& you know he will), call me. If I ever saw you take a picture with a stranger, the worst I would ever do is let you have sexy inter

12/12/2012 14:42 Justin Bieber threw a water bottle at photographers
Everything about this guy, from the hat placed (not worn) on his head, down to his shoes just SCREAMS hip-hop. He truly is a dazzling urbanite.

12/10/2012 20:36 Lindsay can't pay her rent
When was her career on the upswing?

12/10/2012 17:31 Miley Cyrus did a live Creampie show
PunkA: agree

12/04/2012 16:48 'the Hobbit' is getting mixed reviews
If you're going to copy your criticism of LotR from 'Clerks II".... GOOD catch on 'The Simpsons' though!

11/16/2012 14:06 Kristen Stewart was sexy, still boring
Saw her on Conan the other night; paired with her boredom/lack of personality and Conan's terrible interviewing "skills," it made for some HORRIBLE television. I think it was followed by an equal

10/12/2012 13:23 Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney
Lindsay, I don't think your employment is going to get any better if Mittens is president.

10/12/2012 11:04 the internets most popular uppercut has arrived
At least half the teenagers in this country need to be dealt with like this.