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02/10/2014 20:08 Dennis Rodman Gives North Korea A Cleveland Steamer
The North Koreans invited a drunken former NBA start to enjoy an ego trip in Korea. Did they expect him NOT to crap the place? They're just lucky he was too drunk to start raping the hotel staff.

02/10/2014 15:55 Breaking: Courtney Stodden Still Has Huge Tits
Did not think it was possible, but she is even less interesting without the creepy old guy herding her around like a prize farm animal. At least their desperate relationship and his ghastly forced s

02/10/2014 01:07 LeAnn Rimes In A Thong Bikini
Just glad there are no photos of her doing what her Twitter slapfight nemesis Brandi Glanville did...staggering around drunk with her ass and her tampon string hanging out.

02/07/2014 00:12 Doutzen Kroes Announces Her Pregnancy On Instagram
So she's popping out another bi-racial kid from her overpaid cooch. Who gives a rat's ass?

02/03/2014 14:21 Oh Look, Micaela Schaefer Is Naked Again
She should sue her plastic surgeon. Some of the worst bolt-ons I've ever seen.

02/03/2014 14:07 Justin Bieber And His Little Buddy Share A Suckle
One of the best photos ever. His screaming little fans have stuck by him while he did drugs, pissed in a bucket in a restaurant kitchen, drag raced, spit on fans under his hotel balcony, and just gen

01/31/2014 19:30 I Think Shakira And Rihanna Are Having Sex
Thank Miley Cyrus for starting the desperate slut/pop star arms race. It's only a matter of time before one of them winds up squatting on a dildo.

01/31/2014 19:24 Stop Kendra Wilkinson, You're Getting Us All Hot
Hank whatshisface dumps her for a younger, hotter, white trophy wife in ...3..2..1

01/31/2014 00:43 Saving Jodi Arias Has Cost Arizona Taxpayers $2 Million Already
Who's that riding in the sun? Who's the man with the itchy gun? Who's the man who kills for fun?

01/30/2014 19:43 Saving Jodi Arias Has Cost Arizona Taxpayers $2 Million Already
Lesson to men everywhere: if you're going to string along a psycho bitch because you like the deviant sex, make sure she's not actually crazy enough to murder you.

01/28/2014 19:51 Miley Cyrus And Madonna Are Performing Together
Which one is bringing the double dong?

01/27/2014 15:48 Queen Latifah Marries Gay Couples at Grammys
There is nothing like the sight of a gang of lying, hypocritical entertainment industry multimillionaires on stage singing the praises of marriage. Those sanctimonious f*cksticks no more believe in t

01/24/2014 23:25 Carmen Ortega Inspires Justin Bieber to Live For the Now
"live for the moment" and "don't think about it too much". Great reinforcement for the dumbass programming that's already wired into every young punk's brain. Next advice? How about "take a big bl

01/22/2014 19:59 Quentin Tarantino's Latest Fucking Script Fucking Leaked
Hollywood loves this vile mutant and the cliched violent sewage he spews out. Don't worry about that script, it isn't exactly going in the shredder. After he's had his bogus, publicity-grabbing, 'v

01/21/2014 16:12 Rihanna Is a Visual Storyteller
She wasn't half bad before she covered herself in hood rat tattoos. Now she looks like the kind of chick who would stab you for your wallet.

01/21/2014 16:09 The Bachelor Thinks Gays Would Fuck Up The Bachelor
Don't know where he gets this "pervert" stuff. Doesn't everyone know the male genitalia wasn't designed for reproduction? Nope, it was designed to be stuck up a sewer pipe filled with s*it.

01/20/2014 22:58 Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Top From a 280Z
Those were awesome cars. That's an awesome rack. I may have a new favorite model.

01/20/2014 19:07 Ariel Winter's Boobs Are Bullet Proof
After Ed O'Neil made his offensive comment, did he sit down on a terrible looking couch and stick his hand in his pants? Because that would have been great.

01/18/2014 19:20 Kellen Winslow Jr. Might've Had Sex With Himself Outside Target
Oh, please. The cops want us to believe there's such a thing as a black athlete who can't keep his c*ck holstered? Everyone knows those guys are perfect little angels. BTW someone should give this

01/16/2014 19:52 Brittany Norwood Is Having Arian Foster's Bastard Baby
Lesson to stupid pro athletes everywhere: if you want a whore, hire a professional. Sure they'll turn on you and put out a ghostwritten book in a few years, detailing all your sexual perversities. B