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01/28/2014 17:59 Courtney Stodden Tits Just Got More Femininst
She went from having a creepy old guy cum on her face to a guy with an asshole on his chin!!!

01/28/2014 17:57 I'm Pretty Sure Katy Perry Is Pregnant
If it comes out with a large head making stupid faces to Sesame Street music we know who the dad is.

01/27/2014 20:07 You Sure Showed Us, Madonna
She always sceeved me out,now more so then ever.

01/27/2014 20:05 Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Case
Courtney looks great,I wonder who her embalmer is?

01/27/2014 19:55 Michelle Lewin Films A Butt Work Out Video In Miami
She has a killer body ,her ass is gorgeous,abs , pretty much the whole package. She's even showing some toe (nice)....Something about her face says bitch

01/24/2014 20:31 Paris Hilton Wins the Pre-Grammy Party
It's Eugene the Jeep in a dress!!!

01/24/2014 20:29 Lamar Odom Will Dance With Bruce Jenner When He's a Woman
Let's see Lamars on drugs,Bruce lost his masculinity and wants to be a chick,Scott's a jobless loser,the son is a fat tattooed mess.....Kaynes next!!

01/24/2014 20:26 Carmen Ortega Inspires Justin Bieber to Live For the Now
I'd lick her ass even after she ran a marathon

01/23/2014 21:08 Justin Bieber Rats Out His Mom, Released from Fake Jail
This trannys out of control

01/23/2014 20:52 Maria Menounos in Mexico 5
Nice pooper

01/23/2014 20:50 Victoria Silvstedt Has New New Boobs
This chick gets passed around so much from yacht to yacht eventually those tits will come in handy when she turns into a buoy

01/23/2014 20:43 Kelly Brook Knows How to Dress
I just noticed that Debbie Rowe wannabe behind her in between nipple glances

01/23/2014 20:41 Kelly Brook Knows How to Dress
Nice suction cup nipples

01/23/2014 20:37 Rihanna Smokes the Dank With a Skank
Look it's Ho`s!!!!!!!

01/23/2014 20:35 Laura Cremaschi In A Wet T Shirt In Miami
My dried up splooge

01/23/2014 20:34 Victoria Beckham Fakes an Orgasm
Someone needs to give this chick s sandwich with a cup of emotion to wash it down.

01/22/2014 21:03 Nina Agdal On The Set of 'Entourage' In A Bikini With Topless Co-Stars On A Yacht In Miami
I'm in the wrong line of work

01/22/2014 19:04 Kris Jenner Wants You To Celebrate Her Breasts
Call me crazy but I would bang just to say I banged the anti-christ

01/22/2014 19:01 Carmen Electra Goes Braless In A See Through Dress Out In West Hollywood
Attention whores make the world go round

01/22/2014 18:56 Quentin Tarantino's Latest Fucking Script Fucking Leaked
Frankentino is upset