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03/28/2014 20:07 In Russia, You Punch Steven Seagal
Effeminate? Douchebag, sure. Unlikeable, of course, but who in the world thinks Segal is effeminate. Christ Lex, learn to form arguments. You can't just call a guy fag (I'm sorry, you said effemi

02/27/2014 20:35 Katy Perry: Midwife With a Healthy Rack
Jax, Jesus, this is a new low for you. The woman is helping her sister through childbirth and you make quips and paint her as incompetent? You could have gone 10 other ways effectively. 1.

02/21/2014 03:07 Lamar Odom Ditches the Yeti for Spain
Why is this on the site? We don't care about male athletes unless there is a hot chick next to them. Stop making this site about all shitty celebrities; just focus on the hot girls and idiots. Jus

02/07/2014 14:56 LeAnn Rimes In A Thong Bikini
Stop posting this crap LeAnn Rimes content. We don't come here to watch you shit on has beens or celebrate fuggos for being famous and scantilty clad. I have been coming here for years for the sar