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04/17/2014 20:54 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
Since when is race or gender relevant to a story about Jenny McCarthy's bizarre take on immunization? Why even bring up the demographics? I don't care if all their viewers are Martians aged 120+, it i

04/17/2014 14:59 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
"Old white male viewers"? What kind of white guilt, left wing crapola is that? Why bother bringing race into a story like this?

04/07/2014 16:56 Paige Butcher Shaming Her Future Stepdaughters Once Again
Negroid lover....no interest.

04/05/2014 11:34 Demi Lovato Topless Pictures Leaked And Here's Why You Should Care
Nice tits.....too many tats.

04/04/2014 21:56 Kelly Brook Got You, Stupid Paparazzi
Can white women just be with white men and black men just be with black women? What is the deal anymore? We're all eventually going to be this amalgam of gray, where there are no races and people will

04/04/2014 21:51 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini

03/12/2014 12:26 Jennette McCurdy Might Get Canceled
Good riddance! This coal burning jock hugger can disappear into obscurity for all I care.

02/07/2014 18:24 Kylie Jenner Is Getting So Grown Up
They are just whores....all of them, every single one of the Kardashian brood, all whores. How can a parent be proud to see them grow up to be jock huggers for every black in Southern California? I'll