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12/05/2012 16:59 Ashley Judd might run for Senate
It's Kentucky. If she can get John Calipari and Raylan Givens to endorse her she'll win unanimously.

12/04/2012 13:15 the IRS seized Lindsay Lohans bank accounts
I'm supposed to believe her Mean Girls residuals generated a $233,000 tax bill? The IRS needs to get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

11/21/2012 14:21 Megan Fox just had a baby, still fantastic looking
She looks great. Brian Austin Green looks old in these pics.

10/22/2012 15:35 Jessica Simpson would be a good short yardage back
"Jessica Simpson would be a good short yardage back" made me laugh. It's funny because it's true. She's like a white Maurice Jones-Drew.

10/09/2012 08:09 Daryl Hannah is still a dirty hippie
This would have been the best story ever if Tom Hanks ran her over with the bulldozer, and while she was be crushed by the Caterpillar (Diesel Power) Uma Thurman plucked out her eyeball.

10/02/2012 19:30 George Clooney probably dumped Stacy Keibler
When the fuck are these bitches gonna learn?

09/29/2012 11:50 FOX News accidentally aired a live suicide today
Where's the Mandatory Suicide remix?

09/04/2012 13:18 Michael Clarke Duncan has died
I guess Ricky Bobby did put that evil on him.

07/19/2012 17:38 Jessica Simpsons diet goal: 1 pound a week
A reported 210. Maurice Jones-Drew is 210.

07/11/2012 19:55 did Katie Holmes even try to save her marriage
Katie was using burner phones? I didn't even know she was from West Baltimore. #TheWire

04/23/2012 22:47 Pam Anderson should dress more age appropiate
I'm drunk on a Monday night and can't type. As of 1/1/1993 would not bang. Pappy van Winkle FTMFW!!!

04/23/2012 22:46 Pam Anderson should dress more age appropiate
What the fuck is wrong with all of you. Her pussy is made of poison. She fucked Tommy Lee on camera. She frenched Kanye West on camera. As of 1/11993 would not bang.

04/09/2012 19:32 Mark Wahlbergs wife is disapointing
What tha fack ah you doin'? Those ah my fackin' steroids. Leave em the fack alone?

04/05/2012 19:24 Kim Kardashian and Kanye might be dating. Again.
Seriously, soulless cunt or not. If she was wagging her pussy at me, I'd have to get up in it. Good for you, Kanye. What's the point of being a rapper if you can't bang top shelf groupies. Pin

12/29/2011 21:07 Kelly Clarkson is in trouble for supporting Ron Paul
Whoa whoa whoa! When the fuck did fat chicks get the right to have opinions, let alone vote. Tweeting and thinking doesn't burn calories, Chunky. Get on the fuckin' treadmill.

11/18/2011 20:02 Joe Paterno has lung cancer
Bullshit. He's faking it.

11/02/2011 13:34 Justin Bieber got some girl pregnant
Why didn't she whip his ass? Mary Kate Olsen is more yoked than Bieber.

10/27/2011 19:42 Steven Tyler looks great
Joe Perry: I ain't wanna have to do that, but you brought that shit on yosef. Don't be fucking wit a nigga's guitar solo. Dumb bitch.

10/21/2011 19:54 Kim Kardashian understands relationships
How is it that I'm the 15th commenter yet the first to mention that she's famous for sucking a 5th level rappers dick, letting him film it, and then sell the video?

09/01/2011 13:10 Rihanna just fired Jay Z
Paging Mr. Brown. Paging Mr. Chris Brown.