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01/14/2014 15:05 E! News Flashes 'Fun Fact' About Michael J Fox's Parkinson's
For the record, I think David Copperfield is a jackass.

09/18/2013 16:19 Should the Emmy's Honor Dead Cory Monteith?
the voting didn't work for me anyway, kept asking for my login...

11/13/2012 17:59 Miley is lonely, prerhaps gay
2 posts a day is a stretch.

11/12/2012 17:18 Mark Wahlberg is officially in Transformers 4 now
looks like another long weekend, eh?

11/01/2012 15:58 Kim Kardashian is husky Catwoman, Kanye is Alpine Batman
That leather is so pissed off right now.

11/01/2012 00:18 'Noah' is delayed because of flooding
if I post piece of celeb news a day I still get paid, right?

10/26/2012 16:51 Justin Timberlakes $6.5M wedding took time to mock the homeless
That's pretty Mean Spirited... Much like this website.

10/12/2012 17:00 Heidi Klum is already making the new guy do this stuff
Why would I call a European a cigarette?

06/05/2012 17:17 AnnaLynne McCord has a popsicle
old news

03/01/2012 17:43 Freida Pinto is a good model

02/22/2012 15:04 Christina Hendricks was called "ugly"

02/16/2012 19:29 Kate Upton > Doutzen Kroes
meh. Doutzen is way prettier in the face. Upton is hot, but looks like she's a couple of cheeseburgers away from maximum weight explosion.

06/24/2011 15:54 Friday headlines, with female empowerment
is Paz as ugly to everyone else as she is to me?

05/27/2011 00:32 Sasha Jackson should be more popular
It's a shame that she didn't have the forethought to photoshop out her implant scars before releasing these already mediocre pics.

05/11/2011 19:33 the Lindsay Lohan crime spree legal timeline
a fucking menace

05/10/2011 16:40 Blake Lively needs to slow down
her head is HUGE

03/31/2011 11:49 alessandra_ambrosio_candice_swanepoel_adriana_lima_bikinis_victorias_secret_22

05/13/2010 12:24 this didnt happen. sean penn never kicked this guy.
Asshole celebrities go free worldwide, not just in California. Which state, exactly, do you see celebrities going to jail for anything? The wealthy and famous don't go to jail.

05/07/2010 18:26 gabourey sidibe is a mean ungrateful bitch
That dude needs to invest in a tripod, and who knew Ashley Dupree was such a popular topic?

04/29/2010 13:38 jenna bentley is practically naked
She looks like Kristen Wiig with implants in pic 16. Yeesh.