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05/21/2013 20:53 Olivia Munn Looks Really Fucking Good
WTF has happened to this site?

02/26/2013 22:09 Sofia Vergara Still Not Dead
I knew when Brendon sold out this site was going in the dumper, now it's in the recycle bin.....

11/27/2012 01:54 the 'Two and a Half Men' kid says not to watch 'Two and a Half Men'
And his career is over in 5432...

11/15/2012 01:08 Channing Tatum is apparently very handsome
All of the above!!!!!!!!!

10/22/2012 15:00 Joanna Krupa understands fashion
What happend to my fuckin avatar?

10/22/2012 14:59 Joanna Krupa understands fashion
I don't know who this is ...but I think I love her...

08/24/2012 11:28 everyone is making up lies about Lindsay. yet again.
I'm not proud of it, but I'd still fuck her....

08/21/2012 14:43 Tony Scotts family says he did not have brain cancer
No tits here..... movin along

08/15/2011 14:22 Heidi Klum was in and out of a bikini
I'd still throw this old bitch a quick one just for nostalgia !!

08/05/2011 13:26 its Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
She shore do have a pretty mouth......

07/15/2011 14:59 Lady Gaga got egged for singing in a wheelchair
Why the hell didn't they use Ostrich eggs????

05/28/2011 13:47 Kim Kardashians 15yo sister is on birth control
Why is she looking at me with that "come fuck me" look? She may not be legal but what goes on in my mind is between me and my webcam....

04/11/2011 13:10 kate_bosworth_topless_bikini_cancun_mexico_1
This site is definitely G rated now....... sucks!

03/18/2011 23:47 adrianne_palicki_as_wonder_woman_1
Now I see how the comments have continued......

02/15/2011 13:09 Alexander Skarsgard is a spaz
Where the fuck did everyone go????? WTF!!!!!!!! Guess I'll delete this crap site......

02/03/2011 20:40 does Charlie Sheen have a sex tape? gee what do you think.
I don't care if the post is about Charlie.... just post pics of his whores and not him!!!!!!!!

01/20/2011 13:43 Kim Kardashian has a racy new leaked picture
First should only be written on your high school girlfriends ass...

01/20/2011 13:24 Kim Kardashian has a racy new leaked picture
Since Brenda no longer post "racy" pics, he will now describe them for us....

01/20/2011 12:15 morning headlines
Admirel... I have a sister-in-law that raises Wolves.... they're about as worthless as she is...

01/20/2011 11:51 morning headlines
Fkn photographer couldn't get one damn boob shot in that shirt? Turn in tour damn camera asshole!