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05/09/2012 14:49 A second male masseuse is now suing John Travolta
MASSEUR! It's ,MASSEUR! Masseuse is a woman, masseur is a dude. Fuckin' monoglot American fuckin' monkey. No wonder the Russian are gonna come and steal all our guns, cos Americans are to fucking stoo

04/10/2012 19:49 Jenna Jamesons still got it
That chick has wrapped her hands around my meat stick. She wasn't all that back then and I refused to shag her. Her ass is kinda "not quite right"

04/10/2012 19:47 George Clooney is raising $6,000,000 for Obama

04/10/2012 19:46 Chevy Chase calls 'Community' a "mediocre sitcom"
Is Chevy Chase still alive? Why does the Biz spend money on that cunt? Does he have something on somebody?

04/10/2012 19:45 Adam Levine got dumped in a press release
Hey, reality check: nobody likes Jews - not even whores. When she's earning more than you and getting more press coverage than you, what's in it for her, jewboy? It's simple economics. Being a descend

11/11/2011 10:56 Billy Crystal is hosting the Oscars
The last thing Billy Crystal said that was funny was.... oh, he never said a funny thing in his life. Little pussy kissass bitch.

11/11/2011 10:42 Ashton Kutcher really is an idiot
I wonder how much damage I could do to Kutcher in 60 seconds,

11/08/2011 11:39 Brett Ratner lied about "banging" Olivia Munn
Nevah trust a Jew.

10/27/2011 20:21 Heidi Klum is gonna win Halloween again
I have that lamp in the background in the left.

10/27/2011 20:09 Speilberg blames Lucas for Indiana Jones 4 being awful
Fuckin' Jews.

10/03/2011 14:36 Ashton and Demi turn to Kaballah
Them Jews will do anything for a buck.

09/28/2011 16:11 Demi and Ashton are divorcing, part 2
Kutcher is a douchefuck. Put him in a cage with some nasty recidivist and see how cocky he is then. "Dude, don't hit me - I'll pay you!" Biiiiiitch!

09/13/2011 16:43 124775592
I'd drop an omelet on those fat juggs, but then one look at SJP had my huge meat rocket receding back into my pelvis. Damn, that witch-faced Jewess is enough to make your eyes fill with puss. And now

08/14/2011 10:51 Paula Abdul demands to be called a gift
Paula Abdul, Gyneth Paltrow, the Kardashians, the Hiltons, Lohans PLUS handcuffs, ballgags, lots of lube and an HK MP5. AWESOME! That's gonna be my gift to myself when the world turns upside down.

08/11/2011 12:37 this is why everyone hates Gwyneth Paltrow
GP = insufferable cunthole.

07/24/2011 17:30 Amy Winehouse finally died today
What? I never realized that she was still alive.

07/24/2011 17:28 "sexy" Jennifer Aniston repulses people
I'd have sex with her only if upon orgasm I could unload a 12 gauge in the back of her head.

10/26/2010 22:02 kate61
This Russian cunt looks like some CGI thing from avatar. Best prepare a contract before engaging.

08/05/2010 04:00 Mel Gibsons ex might be lying, part 4
imagine a dirty russian selling her ass for dirty money down the line.... who knew!

08/02/2010 10:52 Lindsay Lohan was released from jail
cunt whore. she and ashton kutcher shou;d be immolated outside the chinese theah-tah.