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02/11/2014 16:27 Bob Costas Collapses Under Weight of Eye Puss
Still reading, but missing Brandon. Should be long before he pulls off a PSH scene, but will we even know?

02/25/2013 14:13 Last Night Was The Oscars, Here Are The Boobs That Showed Up
Photo Boy, I think that people are upset because of the big change in direction of the site. You see, when Brendon was running things, he was erratic and not dependable, but he was funny. More impo

12/02/2012 11:54 as always, nothing is ever Lindsay Lohans fault
WWTDD, I can imagine that it is a very challenging job to have to make 5 obnoxious comments per day. I guess that is why you go AWOL so frequently, and even when you are working, that you can't get

04/25/2012 12:18 People magazine has to be joking

04/24/2012 11:27 Sara Jean Underwood is her to seduce/bore you
Brandon and your pinch weasel over there- you stink. It's noon- and there is nothing up on the site again. How hard is it to make obnoxious comments?

03/08/2012 15:53 the Lone Ranger movie is back on
Not to get on a rant, but it's 2:30p est and you have only posted one thing. Come on man. You can't hide behind the west coast thing- unless you moved to Bora Bora.

03/08/2012 15:35 Johnny Depp feels Tonto would wear a crow for a hat
Brandon, you suck. You figured out how to turn 5 snide comments a day on the internet into a job, and now you can't even do that. You are worthless. Why don't you get on the stick already.

08/30/2011 15:13 Julianne Hough has new leaked pictures, is still boring
She apparently has lots of fascinating interests- herself, puckering her lips, bending over to reveal her chest and pretending to be to be Indian with that dot on her forehead. Somewhere in here is a

09/29/2010 17:29 Tom Cruise is a pro
brandon, once again, you are dumb. it's a 5 hour flight by private plane, and probably less than 15 minutes for a operating thetan level VIII. in fact, he might have been in both places at the same

09/22/2010 12:53 JWoww is making a fortune off Playboy
Brandon, you suck. it's almost 1pm and not a post yet. how friggin hard is it for you to get me my morning snark. if you post another dumb message about comcast i'm going to have to do something ve

07/22/2010 10:01 jessica and ashley hart are in bikinis
Don't tell me that the long haired freak behind them isn't going to take it all out on that dog when he goes home.