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06/20/2013 23:39 Lolo Jones Bitches About Her Paycheck
She should get a job at Home Depot, they support Olympians in some way.

06/20/2013 23:37 Jenny McCarthy In Carl's Jr Salad Ad (VIDEO)
Evidently, murdering kids doesn't pay as much as showing your tits.

06/20/2013 23:33 Anna Kournikova In A Bikini on a Boat
No shit, I've seen less grainy photos of sasquatch.

05/16/2013 20:25 Maxim Fucked Up But They Won't Admit It
Rescued from what?

05/09/2013 20:56 Shanna Moakler Thinks Breast Feeding Is Incest
I agree with her. And drinking cow's milk is bestiality. And having a dog lick peanut butter off your ... is just like drinking milk. Wait...

05/09/2013 20:52 Lauryn Hill Was Sentenced To Three Months In Jail
She looks like Michael from Good Times.

05/09/2013 20:30 Amanda Bynes Cops a Plea
Flaunt is to show off. Flout is to disregard (the law).

03/28/2013 20:43 ryanair-2013-bikini-calendar-12
On a scale of 1 to 10, the 12 pictures totalled 76 or an average of 6.3/10.

03/28/2013 20:38 Prince William Becomes Another Useless Fucking Royal
The majority of people in the US who care about the royals are 45 year old bombed out cat ladies who subscribe to People and US Weekly and think they develop a "connection" with people they see on TV.

03/04/2013 20:03 Jaden Smith Eats Cut Rolls with Kylie Jenner
I'm waiting for the lazy, lackluster sex tape to drop any day now!

03/04/2013 20:00 LL Cool J Claims He Won't Make A Chris Dorner Movie
Tattooing a Roman numeral 19 on your cooter might have been cute when guy number 19 just blew his load on your stomach, but not so much when there's been another 25 in the rear-view.

03/01/2013 19:45 Aly Michalka Is Good At Vacationing
"Wow, this forest is scary" she says. "Imagine how I feel, I have to walk out of it alone."

02/28/2013 20:35 Goodbye, Pope Benedict, We Hardly Knew Ya'
Hey but the fag priests can be forgiven if they say they're sorry, but fag fags can't because they're not sorry and just go about decorating the hell out of their houses.

02/28/2013 19:51 Morrissey Still An Obnoxious Pussy
My merkin has a merkin.

02/19/2013 19:40 Fergie is pregnant
Expect an autotuned version of Baby Mozart.

02/19/2013 19:39 Katherine Webb was on "Celebrity Diving"
Looks like they implanted an extra chromosome along with her funbags.

02/19/2013 19:36 Lindsay Lohan would like $500,000 please
It goes to show how egotistical and arrogant Hollywood is. People keep mistaking being aware of Lindsay's existence for actual relevance, simply because THEY are aware of her.

02/19/2013 19:29 Christina Ricci is still underrated
Why is she with her dad, and why is he wearing pajamas?

02/15/2013 20:03 BREAKING NEWS: Rihanna smokes weed
Oh, and they harvested too early.

02/15/2013 20:02 BREAKING NEWS: Rihanna smokes weed
Mids. Hang that shit up in the dark to get some chlorophyll out of it and let it dry some.