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10/15/2010 15:58 Jenny McCarthy can still kinda work a bikini
I know babies that are smarter than this dumb twat but I'd still vaccinate her with my penis amirite.

10/15/2010 14:10 Shia LaBeouf threw coffee on the paparazzi
Fuck him and his Jewfro. Someone should have kicked him in his cunt.

07/02/2010 09:55 lindsay lohan got punched in the face!
That's a shame, I hope that waitress' fist is okay.

04/20/2010 15:35 kate bosworth is in a bikini
I bet her box is abnormally dry. And that she has bad milk breath.

04/20/2010 13:19 god damn ke$ha sucks
If you asked me to make a choice between listening this talentless twat's "music" and eating a bowl of shit soup I might consider reaching for a spoon. Fuck, I'd rather listen to Fall Out Boy.

04/20/2010 11:33 tuesday morning headlines
I'm sick of Kim Kardashian. I would love to take a shit in her favorite pair of shoes.

04/20/2010 08:48 jessica hart is a good model
I'm not sure I could refrain from pinching my helmet right there on the beach if I saw that broad walk past me.

02/18/2010 16:05 tiger woods is a weird guy
I wouldn't call him desperate, just horny with a lot of opportunities. Kind of like me, minus the billions of dollars and aforementioned opportunities. Besides, she gives a whole new meaning to th

02/18/2010 15:44 heidi montag and her breasts are hard workers
I don't mean to be the master of the obvious but those are some big tits.

02/18/2010 13:57 elin will not be at the press conference
I would call the last ten weeks a personal hell for a man with the ability to bang just about every chick he meets if he wanted to. If the over/under for him to start railing random women again is

02/18/2010 12:18 thursday morning headlines
Red, that's a hot story, I think I have a semi.

02/18/2010 11:51 thursday morning headlines
I wish I had to hold a press conference to apologize for all the hot bitches I was fucking.

02/18/2010 10:10 can i get you a coat, ma'am
I can practically taste the stank that is surely emanating from her snatch in these pics.

02/12/2010 17:38 john travolta has a secret
If you're going to be so obvious with a hair piece, you should at least wear a cool one and look like the master in Kill Bill or something, not some balding douche bag.

02/12/2010 15:25 i dont feel so good
I'd fuck her as I've never had sex with a black chick before and want to give it a whirl.

02/12/2010 13:37 madonna is a mean old bitch
That whole place is a shit hole which means they got paid to move from one shit hole to another which means they came out on top in this deal. I say let 'em burn.

02/12/2010 12:13 friday morning headlines
Disguised plug is poorly disguised and you can see those tits unsheathed if you Google image search her.

02/12/2010 10:51 its megan fox! sort of!
Yeah she's pretty hot but someone needs to kick her in the cunt for making that side angle kissy face in every fucking picture.

02/11/2010 17:54 kelly bensimon is kind of hot
Nice ass but I bet she doesn't have dreams but movies with that gigantic forehead*, it practically dwarfs her face like a creepy Photoshop. * rimshot

02/11/2010 17:25 lindsay just lost $150,000
Parliaments = classy.