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08/23/2013 14:54 Australian Vaginas Need Some Work
#3 is the first vagina I have ever seen that had a combover.

06/20/2013 17:38 Hey, Rape Victim, It's Me, Serena
Of course Serena has no sympathy for rape victims because she doesn't understand what it's like to be a potential victim. If someone tried to rape her she could just beat them unconscious with her

03/01/2013 17:26 Someone Who Looks Just Like Miss Teen Delaware Makes a Porno (VIDEO)
Wow. Cutting edge. Saw this story everywhere 2 days ago and the fucking radio shows were talking about it YESTERDAY. But did you hear Abe Vigoda died?

02/28/2013 22:49 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Accept that the end is nigh. Blog more about shows relating to food. Those seem to be popular with people who aren't interested in pop culture or humor. No one cares about pictures of girls we c

01/08/2013 17:15 here are the black eye picturers Dina Lohan talked about
What an incredibly stupid argument. Lindsay is fucked up because Michael beat her? Ok, so here's a picture of her with a black eye he gave her when Lindsay was a baby? AND SHE STAYED WITH HIM

09/15/2012 11:38 fat Lindsay tweeted a picture of her stolen mac, fake birkin
You got a raise AND a pay cut in the span of 7 minutes? That sounds like a weird company.

09/15/2012 11:09 fat Lindsay tweeted a picture of her stolen mac, fake birkin
I have nephews who range in age from 3 to 6. Every single one of them, at some point or another, has handed me a toy to play with and expressly stated "You can play with this here, but you can't ta

08/09/2012 14:15 Jennifer Lawrence goes to a boxing gym
I would love to see her box.

08/07/2012 16:43 Paris Hilton is evolving
She's dumb as hell, and dirtier than a swamp and I hate myself for feeling this way.....But I would hammer the hell out of that.

07/27/2012 16:46 Dane Cook is doing jokes about the Aurora shooting
Gotta give the guy credit.....it may not have been a great joke, but you and other bloggers have posted it and really.....when the fuck is the last time anyone talked about Dane Cook?

03/07/2012 17:18 Hulk Hogan has a sex tape
To be fair to the Hulkster....that's how I finish a girl off too whether I'm being taped or not.

02/22/2012 16:40 Jessica Simpson is having a girl. Probably.
Who cares about it's sex.....I just want to know if it's going to be a Brontosaurus or a Triceratops.

02/08/2012 21:40 Selena Gomez is a good person
This website is great because I can watch that video and be so deeply touched..... Then scroll down slightly, see Emma Stone's ass, and suddenly I find myself being touched once more.

01/27/2012 18:03 Demi Moore "smoked something"
K2. It's synthetic marijuana. And they are now trying to ban it.

01/25/2012 16:43 Rihanna got a "thug life" tat on her knuckles
Not the best pose....she looks like Shirley from Community.

01/11/2012 16:18 its the first five minutes of 'Haywire'
If I was ever going to try and rape someone, I think I'd pick Gina Carano. Best case scenario, I have sex with her. Worst case scenario, she beats the shit out of me. And either of those sounds

01/10/2012 17:01 Amanda Seyfried will be naked in 'Lovelace'
Wait just one cotton pickin moment..... The college guy who stole Kelly from Zach and then got caught at a dance club kissing another girl is REALLY going to lecture us about "respecting women"?

12/05/2011 17:19 Christina Aguilera is gettin me all hot
Screw mom jeans.....Nana Leggings are in this season.

12/02/2011 22:05 Adam Carolla destroys Occupy (not literally)
Great, the top 1% pays 50% of the taxes. Of course, they also TAKE IN 70% of the income (if investment INCOME counts as INCOME, which is DOESN'T and isn't TAXED as such)..... Adam was funny as a

11/08/2011 17:47 Lindsays Playboy shoot will suck
When are bitches going to learn....we don't want to see you dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. We want you naked on a pool table with your legs over your head.