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03/17/2014 16:10 Viviana Figueredo Has a Thong and a Mysterious Past
Lex, just stop. You're horrible.

03/06/2014 16:42 Andrew Garfield May Have Let Down Cancer Boy
Fail, honestly you guys are the worst...

01/29/2014 20:49 Obama To Address Justin Bieber Deportation
Laughable that you guys crack on the 'semi-literate'

01/16/2014 20:06 Oscars Nominate Films Nobody Watches Again
Speaking of awards, this site will never have to worry about getting one. =D

01/15/2014 14:30 Justin Bieber's Friends Are Mad At The LAPD
Travis, that last line confirms you are terrible at this.

09/24/2013 13:47 Kanye West is the Master of Time, Space, and Dementia
I find it comical, Lex, that you think you can bust someone on their verbage. -fiddle-

09/18/2013 19:09 Victoria's Secret Angels At The Lourve
Seriously, you can't even spell the Louvre right? Quelle jackass...

09/13/2013 17:30 Isabeli Fontana Doesn't Need a Real Name
Lex, you're an idiot, but Jack somehow makes you seem like Hemingway in comparison.

09/13/2013 17:27 Lady Gaga Sued By Former Assistant
Hey Jack, there are these things called dictionaries where you can look up how to spell words like 'hemorrhoids" and 'for'. Just an fyi.

07/09/2013 17:57 Brandi Glanville Gets Wasted in Her Underpants
That first sentence is an abortion. You fail at english.

04/15/2013 14:21 Quick Thoughts from Coachella: Paris Hilton
Last sentence fail, Lex.

04/11/2013 16:40 Kate Upton Says She is NOT Plowing Diddy
I heart Sophie.

04/09/2013 14:24 Justin Bieber Shaves His Head to Reveal Even More Douche
I vote for Sophie.

04/08/2013 13:33 The Howe Twins Want to Be Famous
Verbfail, time to go back to work at the construction site Lex :/

03/19/2013 16:15 These Bitches Be Getting Crazier
I could smell the fail emanating from this post, before I booted up my computer...

03/06/2013 18:03 Reality TV Is Less Crappy In Europe
I'd like to think you spelled Louie Anderson's name wrong on purpose, but we all know that's not true. You also spelled Luisana's name wrong twice in the article about her. Keep up the stellar work

03/05/2013 14:37 Claudia Romani Sits Like a Lady
No, the writer is though =D

02/28/2013 20:18 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Nobody cried when Maggie Grace got killed on "Lost", she was annoying. Look, the bottom line is this: humor is subjective. You're never going to get all these posters to agree things are as funny a

02/28/2013 16:06 Kelly Brook Wears a Short Dress So You Can See Her Crotch
Ellis, read that first sentence in your head a few times. Does it sound right to you? You would think that with all the people hate-reading this site just to point out grammatical errors and whatno

02/27/2013 17:31 Miss Teen Delaware Is An Inspiration To Us All
"far worse ways..." Jackazz