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12/16/2011 18:37 Playmate Hope Dworaczyk says Lindsay is fat
Pepper, how will I know where to find you with your name change? . . RIP morguefilla1 http://www.wwtdd.com/2011/12/leave-me-alone-3/#comments

12/16/2011 17:55 Playmate Hope Dworaczyk says Lindsay is fat
Pic 1 & 6: I see tits, but where are the nipples? Geez Louise. . Speaking of picks, here are mine for Week 15. . Buccaneers over Cowboys Bengals over Rams Bills over Dolphins

12/16/2011 15:38 Gabourey Sidibe has still got it
LeLY, Nobody cares.

12/13/2011 18:02 Leave me alone!
This post was boring and humorless... yes still more entertaining that the comment morguefilla1 will submit.

12/13/2011 14:08 Minka Kelly doesnt need make up
She may not "need" makeup, but a little bit wouldn't hurt.

12/12/2011 18:21 Leilani Dowding is in a bikini
i hate you, is your tebowner rock hard after yesterday's overtime miracle?

12/12/2011 15:51 Jessica Simpson paid $3 million to lose weight
Hey DTF, you owe me $20 for that massacre of the Raiders.

12/12/2011 15:39 Miley Cyrus is real sexy now ya'll
Anybody else catch the Boardwalk Empire finale last night? Fucking gangster.

12/09/2011 13:54 Ali Larter is doing it wrong
Steelers over Browns Falcons over Panthers Lions over Vikings Saints over Titans Eagles over Dolphins Jaguars over Bucaneers Texans over Bengals Colts over Ravens (psyche!) Jet

12/08/2011 21:02 Jessica Biel is fantastic looking
Settle down Nutt, the green dress picture is not legit just because that1guy says it is. And the pic he posted doesn't even show a face or any resembling features. Case dismissed.

12/08/2011 16:20 Jessica Biel is fantastic looking
Jessica Alba has never been photographed nor filmed showing any nudity. If she had, you would have heard about it throughout the media long before some dick-shit posted a link to it on wwtdd.

12/08/2011 14:35 are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged?
Biebs is hitting it on the regular. They're each other's first. Aww. Right now it's a fairy tale, but they'll eventually split up, and Selena Gomez will be out riding the dick of every black NBA playe

12/07/2011 21:45 its Lindsay Lohans Playboy cover
For those of us who know how to use a search engine, there's Google. For everyone else, there's Mr. Nutt.

12/07/2011 20:01 its Lindsay Lohans Playboy cover
I hope she surprises us all by showing her CAT (clam, anus, tits).

12/07/2011 18:58 Gemma Arterton is a vampire or something
I hate you, plz tell me you're not a Tebow fanboy. The Broncos have squeezed past lousy teams by a field goal thanks to their defense and running game. Peppers and Urlacher will expose him this Sunday

12/07/2011 18:15 this might be the worst movie ever
Let's play Iron Copy instead.

12/07/2011 18:12 Lindsay will show her spread to Ellen, so to speak

12/07/2011 17:59 Lindsay will show her spread to Ellen, so to speak
Don't be silly Rok. You never miss anything. . So how's being on wwtdd 24/7 life?

12/07/2011 17:00 models make Miami beach fun
Why thank you Jeff Dunham.

12/07/2011 16:36 models make Miami beach fun
and girl…. you forgot to say… . Don't fret Rok. He saw you.