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10/10/2011 20:25 Brad and Angelina donated $340,000
@maddiejake So, how much have you donated to help homeless kids in the US? Take the plank out of your own eye before you reach for the splinter (you think that) you see in someone else's ey

10/06/2010 11:38 Perez Hilton should get punched in the face again
Oh, and Eva Mendes needs to be the official mascot of the internet. She should be naked on every web page.

10/06/2010 11:36 Perez Hilton should get punched in the face again
It's not often you visit a funtime celebrity-bashing site and get a face full of completely justified righteous indignation. Standing up against bullying? Bravo. Taking PH down a notch while do

08/25/2010 14:24 Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble this time
who do you have to blow to get two guilty pleas erased from your record 3 years later?

08/20/2010 13:51 Lindsay Lohans only crime was trusting too much
hmmm... first, Adderall IS methamphetamine--actually, two different amphetamine salts, one short-acting and one longer-acting. So talking about Adderall affecting people "like" methamphetamine is lik

07/02/2010 19:34 lindsay lohan got punched in the face!
[strike]testes, 1...2...3...[/strike] testes

07/02/2010 10:04 lindsay lohan got punched in the face!
dammit! how come my strikeout didn't work? it's supposed to be [s]crotch[/s] face, not crotch face. Though this will look funny if BBCode doesn't work, either.

07/02/2010 10:03 lindsay lohan got punched in the face!
The waitress should make sure to scrub her knuckles with bleach. The critters that live on Lohan's crotch face are probably resistant to anything weaker.

06/09/2010 16:57 salma hayek is really afraid of snakes
I wonder if she used a stunt double in From Dusk Til Dawn

03/01/2010 17:00 simon monjack is angry, fat
methamphetamines is a class of drugs that includes "amphetamine salts" (Adderall). It's reported that Paris Hilton (among others) uses Adderall to suppress her appetite (for cum). When Britney Spear

06/29/2009 16:01 Look at me, everyone!
She's a pretty hot piece of ass for a grandmother.

05/19/2009 18:02 Hayden is a girl, right?
This might also explain why her womanly mosquito-bites appear to be more like bee stings in these pictures.

05/19/2009 18:02 Hayden is a girl, right?
Every month, women of my tribe must walk with their Aunt Flo, and when they walk in this way, they take a clump of sphagnum moss and place it in their female area so as not to frighten the tribe membe

05/15/2009 16:22 They're all whores
Everyone's missing another heavy-hitting name on the client/whore sheet: Patricia Ford http://www.patriciaford.com/ She marketed herself as a "bikini model" when she was going topless/nude for

03/10/2009 04:58 hey there britney. whats up
Over and over again, she looks like a 10-pound ham stuffed in a 5-pound bag.

02/23/2009 10:37 bouncy bouncy
She's aged badly... like an open beer or a cut piece of soft cheese.

02/20/2009 07:09 patrick swayze isnt doing so good
SO the good news is, with those ears continuing to grow, when Swayze actually dies he won't be buried or cremated; they're just going to leave his paper-thin corpse out in the open and let him blow aw

02/09/2009 11:22 radiohead kicked ass
I'm looking forward to Joe Satriani winning his lawsuit against Coldplay. Hopefully he'll take Chris Martin for so much he & Gwynneth will have to downsize everything & rename Apple to "Grape".

02/09/2009 11:20 radiohead kicked ass
jaybot: OK, I'll clarify; his phrasing sucked. When a musician is playing out of time with the rest of the music, it doesn't matter what pseudo-artsy time signAture they're using. Zappa played some pr

02/09/2009 07:00 radiohead kicked ass
Aside from the out-of-tune wannabe Dylan wuss singing, the out-of-time guitar fumbling, and the song wasn't half bad.