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04/18/2014 03:44 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
Whatever dude. You're talking out of your ass. It seems we can't post links but search Gallop and type in "americans main source of news" you will find an article that states: "nearly two-thirds

04/17/2014 20:29 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
jblank, use that thing in your browser called the search bar. The average Fox News viewer is said to be in their 60s, male and white. Since when is stating a fact "left wing crapola"?

12/16/2013 21:23 Lady Gaga Has Fallen And She Can't Get Up
He's about to pee on her isn't he?

08/30/2013 01:19 Sasha Grey Wrote A Book Or Something
Wow, Olivia Munn has sure lost a lot of weight.

01/25/2013 11:33 Taylor Swift is a Disney Princess (specifically, Rapunzel)
With the exception of Bouncy all the black chicks were fairly unattractive and were dressed up as ugly characters (or a dude, in Whoopie's case). They couldn't get Zoe Saldana or the black chick from

12/04/2012 19:06 does Hayden Panettiere have breast implants?
Did she get a forehead implant as well?

11/20/2012 16:05 Miley's terrible haircut is now even terribler
Oh haha, very funny. Pretending like that's Miley Cyrus when that is CLEARLY a Justin Bieber impersonator. You can't fool us WWTDD.

10/15/2012 19:09 Kim Kardashian is see-through, full figured
If only Kim had joined other butterfaces like Sara Jay and Alexis Texas and did porn (on a regular basis) maybe people wouldn't hate her so much.

05/17/2012 18:01 Miley Cyrus understands summer fashion
Honestly? I feel bad for her. She's like a 4 at best and she is desperately trying to make up for it with sluttiness (and failing of course). If not for her dad no one would give a pocket full of shit

12/14/2011 18:14 anna_lynne_mccord_bikini_90210_marina_del_rey_december_13_2011_4

11/10/2011 16:02 AnnaLynne McCord gets it
I'm surprised that fact she's part negro hasn't disqualified her from being hot by the regular commenters here.

10/18/2011 14:55 the 'Zombieland' sequel will be a TV show instead
I see someone's trying to cash in on The Walking Dead's success.

09/30/2011 17:52 its the, ahem, "first look" at the Avengers
Jesus, what the fuck happened to Cap's hair? Did Ben Stiller jizz in it or what?

09/09/2011 16:40 Paz Vega is more like it
That has to be the whitest Spaniard I've ever seen.

09/09/2011 11:26 Kate Gosselin has the perfect family car
Can't she just stuff those little bastards in the trunk or something?

09/07/2011 15:22 Madonna is entitled to hate your measly gifts
The Black Mamba OWNS the Cobra. I thought everyone knew this?

09/02/2011 23:48 Kate Winslet looked terrific in Venice
I'd knock the bottom out of Winslet.

08/24/2011 13:00 its Superman! And a girl! And some guy!
This is going to be another shitty Superman movie, mark my words.

08/23/2011 13:04 Milla Jovovich is in a bikini
I've always liked Jovovich, but goddamn she's so bony and pale here. Does the sun not shine in Mexico anymore? How do you go to Mexico and not get a tan?

08/18/2011 17:07 Kat Von D just got cancelled
When did the Twilight girl get all those tattoos?