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03/18/2013 16:42 J-Woww at GLAAD Event Showing Off Boobs in NYC
She looks like a giant oompa loompa with tits.

03/06/2013 00:41 Hugo Chavez Is Dead; I Think We'll Miss Him
I think Brendon got shit canned and someone at BuzzMedia had a dorky son who needed a job and they said, "Hey Billy stop rubbing it out to pictures of that ugly broad from Twilight and sit here at the

03/04/2013 16:25 Sharif Bogere Comes In Like a Lion, Goes Out Like a Dick
Quality over quantity. Putting up shit post after shit post does not help.

03/04/2013 14:53 LL Cool J Claims He Won't Make A Chris Dorner Movie
I think they asked LL because all black guys lookalike

03/04/2013 11:26 Adele Is Doing The Theme Song For The New James Bond
I would rather stick my dick in a blender than fuck Adele. The only skill in the rack that might make her attractive is me deep throating her while she tries to sing 'Rolling in the Deep'.

03/04/2013 01:37 Miss Teen Delaware Lies Like a Porn Star (VIDEO)
Want to talk about the guy who did the most to kill this website? It's the idiot who wrote this this post and the last 30 like it.

03/02/2013 02:01 Is It Time to Send Kim to the Squeezing Room Yet?
Kim Kardashian or obese penguin?

03/02/2013 01:55 Aly Michalka Is Good At Vacationing
Title should be, "Average blonde broad sucks in gut and rates herself 4/10"

06/10/2009 17:18 Wednesday morning headlines
Kendra's career is fucking done. There's no such thing as a hot fat chic. Call the Bunny Ranch in 10 months and book a "date" with her.

06/10/2009 17:16 Posh is a hot little bitch
She fits my criteria perfectly. I wont fuck a chic unless shes so skinny that if I pull on her arm hard enough it'll come off like a chicken bone.

06/10/2009 17:14 Heather Graham wins
Kristin Cavallari takes this by a mile. Her grill is bigger then a horses, but I can over look that if shes willing to wear a paper (or preferably plastic) bag over it.

06/10/2009 17:12 You stay classy New York
Paper bag the head and I'll stick in and swirl it around a couple times

01/21/2009 06:53 it was suicide
Damn that Paul dude makes a good drag queen. What's shims female name? Paula?

01/21/2009 06:52 anthony kiedis missed a spot
Chili Peppers are a great band but I didn't know Kiedis starred in gay porn when not on tour.

01/21/2009 06:51 anthony kiedis missed a spot

01/13/2009 19:37 posh knows what counts
Id ride her harder then a fat chic on a horse

01/13/2009 19:35 whats up kate hudson. hey baby.
She has the body of a 12 year old, slap some big fake silcon tits on that kid!

01/13/2009 08:16 whitney port is smooth
How does this broad get a show? She's at best 5/10

01/13/2009 08:14 aha! i knew it!
I never saw her body she just kneeled on the ground and give me head. The top of her head looked nice

01/12/2009 08:28 hold on to your funny bones
I've been trying to increase the distance my cum travels so I can shoot it in her vag and get my meal ticket