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03/26/2014 12:46 Corey Feldman Is Back With A New Hit (VIDEO)
I'm embarrassed for Corey Feldman.

03/26/2014 12:41 Nick Cannon Knows Humor
I bet this is just some contrived April fools joke.

11/13/2012 21:06 Matthew McConaughey is doing great
What's up with the lack of posts/stories? It isn't like these are the only things going on in Hollywood. I'll write blurbs about posts for free if it helps fill this page. Fuck, I just miss the old

09/01/2012 00:04 Robin Williams is doing a sitcom for CBS
If I could choose, I'd have gone with the strangler.

03/29/2011 20:29 FP_IMAGE_7060660/FP_SET_7060521
She's a goddamn monster.

07/26/2010 14:55 Where's a shark when you need one
Fuck that noise. A perfect day would be Spencer Pratt's plane plummeting into that very spot of ocean.

09/19/2009 11:44 Khloe Kardashian is engaged
I can't wait for the release of the first 911 tape. How irrelevant is fucking Khloe Kardashian anyway? I'd rather wait for my garage to fill with exhaust fumes than catch another glimpse of this mon

09/19/2009 11:40 paula vs. ellen, round 1
Fuck both of these daft bitches. Paula is a degenerate drug addict. Neither of these two idiots should even be culturally relevant anymore. Ellen is an irritating mega dyke. She looks like a poor

08/05/2009 12:06 Good riddance jackass
She kind of looks like that female gremlin in the picture above.

08/05/2009 12:04 Good riddance jackass
At least Emilio Estevez had the foresight to leave her ass 15 years ago.

08/05/2009 12:02 By popular demand
Just my opinion here, but I think they would have been just fine without the blackface.

06/24/2009 07:17 Perez makes another statement
Oh and if you're a fan or sympathizer of Perez Hilton, well fuck you too.

06/24/2009 07:15 Perez makes another statement
1. Thank God for this bounty of hot naked Korean girls we have received. 2. Perez Hilton is nothing more than a blow-job gone wrong. 3. Perez is one of the reasons the rest of the world hates th