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01/21/2011 15:10 JWoww lost 20 pounds
JWoww has been "famous" for about two years now Fixed that for you.

12/06/2010 12:56 Chelsea Handler called Angelina Jolie a "f***ing c***."
I highly recommend the Hollywood Babble-On podcast if you like hearing Chelsea Handler referred to as a talentless cunt week after week, and honestly who doesn't?

11/10/2010 13:43 Ke$ha is in a bikini
She's not swimming, she's fishing. Her hair is so crusty and disgusting it funcitons like a net.

09/17/2010 00:56 Miley Cyrus is getting really slutty
17 year olds these days are up for anything; they even like it when you go ass to mouth.

05/21/2010 09:20 lindsay will not be arrested later today
God I hope she does get arrested. I know even if she got sentenced to actual jail time, she'd be out in like 8 hours, its still LA, but dammit my avatar needs an update!

05/07/2010 11:56 jessica biel gets it
*Clears throat* BAM!!!!!!!!!!!

01/19/2010 12:20 oh, the excitement
Agree with the sentiment of she is boring and nothing special. That said, I'm pretty desperate so I'd fuck her. Hard. All night long. Hey we can all dream of banging Megan Fox but we won't all actu

10/20/2009 14:54 do people not know this?

10/20/2009 14:53 do people not know this?
Not me though, I'll brave even the fugliest bitch.

10/20/2009 14:52 do people not know this?
Everyone's too scared to even comment

09/29/2009 12:59 say goodbye to the one on the left
I hated reading Lord of the Flies in high school, and I hate Jon & Kate plus 8 as it is now. Combine the two, however, and you have the best TV show ever. Genius. Who knew two pieces of pure suck

09/28/2009 13:05 the snl girl wont be fired
Because no one has watched the show in 8 years and therefore no one actually heard the f-bomb,“SNL” is not expected to face fines from the FCC. Fixed it for you!

09/18/2009 10:09 what did you do, ray
Are you a god? Then DIE! Ray, when someone asks if you are a god, you say YES!

09/15/2009 15:24 Paris Hilton is a good person
Dammit its been like a week since we've seen or heard from her. I really was hoping she had died.

08/18/2009 12:20 Jeez this was boring
Poor panda :-(

08/05/2009 09:41 Vanessa is naked again - UPDATE,,20055380,00.html Clearly very embarrassed. Filled with regret as well.

08/05/2009 09:37 Vanessa is naked again - UPDATE
It looks like she went from 70's style to a nice little landing strip. That was very good of her. Also, every time I see naked pics of her I remember how little dignity I have and how willing I wou

08/05/2009 09:21 Vanessa is naked again - UPDATE
This girl is perfect: Hot, kinky, and dumb enough to make the same mistakes twice!

07/02/2009 16:00 Holy crap
Where did all her fat go and why do I care? I would actually hit that. Hard. Many times. Use it up like she was the last pussy on the planet. Of course, theres no way these aren't doctored photos,

06/26/2009 10:15 They won't take his money
Matthew Shepard Foundation = Class Act. Perez Hilton...not so much.