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03/08/2012 10:17 Whitney left everything/nothing to her daughter
Hey you crazy Durdens... I opened up Tournament Pick'em Durden version again. The link is Password i

12/06/2011 18:04 Hey. Jackass. On the set of 'Revenge'. Move.
and yes, I used to own underwear...before I dated the boy who seriously ripped off every pair I owned, I just got over it!!

12/06/2011 18:02 Hey. Jackass. On the set of 'Revenge'. Move.
WOW, thats a blast from the past.

12/06/2011 17:24 Hey. Jackass. On the set of 'Revenge'. Move.
Funny. I dont own underwear other than guys boxers. Sorry Finks.

12/06/2011 17:13 Hey. Jackass. On the set of 'Revenge'. Move.
Obama strolled into my county today. I care about that ass more.

11/11/2011 13:49 Sasha Grey read to an elementary school
I didnt think strippers had to know how to read?

11/02/2011 10:56 Lindsay is extra extra sorry this time
I thought she was dead?

05/05/2011 17:12 Maggie Q is disappointing
I saw that comment...funny. Yeah, no I am no ones puppet, but played a "real doll" for a few months. LOL.

05/05/2011 16:51 Maggie Q is disappointing
Is the wookie still around these parts? Tell him I am playing in Chicago this weekend, and to be there or be fucking square!

03/17/2011 14:28 52487PCN_Hewitt
Thats a BOG Big Ole Gal

03/17/2011 13:58 Stephanie Seymour, Lily Brant
Irish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

03/17/2011 13:40 Stephanie Seymour, Lily Brant

03/17/2011 13:26 Stephanie Seymour, Lily Brant
knock knock

03/09/2011 12:25 Lacey Schwimmer
"Why do so many black guys (i.e. spooks, coons, n igg ers, jungle bunnies) like to fuck white chicks….?" Other way around, most little white chicks are straigh up closet freaks, love the big cock a

03/09/2011 10:59 SPL255745_007
Hola fuckers. Its March Madness time again...for all that participated last year, I have resent out invites. Anyone else, the link is:

02/23/2011 15:03 63642736
did someone say cunt punt? Lindsay? YOU GOT IT

02/17/2011 16:19 51238PCN_Shannon
refreshing. fuck. new keyboard please gonna go sit in the corner

02/17/2011 16:18 51238PCN_Shannon
witty sex football new and refresing!

02/17/2011 16:07 51238PCN_Shannon
Not so good Scummie, I play mostly d so there is just a lot of hitting and sometimes an occational stripping. :P

02/17/2011 15:59 51238PCN_Shannon
Amazing....season starts in April and we are hitting it hard right now getting ready.