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12/02/2013 18:01 Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Over Grand Theft Auto V
How is that not Kate Upton? Face, hair, boobs... All Kate. Not enough of a crackwhore to be Lindsay.

07/24/2013 14:25 Josie Canseco In A Bikini With Friends On The Beach
She's no Jose Canseco.

07/23/2013 17:53 The Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Has Been Found
You know he got laid that night too.

06/28/2013 14:04 Laurie Holden Not Wearing A Bra
Ew, she's in her 40's? That's old enough to be my grandmother. Yet, surprisingly arousing.

01/08/2013 17:57 Kate Upton mocked her ex on twitter
I now find her even more attractive.

09/25/2012 14:08 12-year-olds first kiss is on stage with Carrie Underwood
Sure, Carrie Underwood does this and peeople applaud her. But if Oliver Shanti kissed a kid on stage, the police would be knocking down the concert in seconds. Double standard!

09/13/2012 19:14 give Lance Armstrong a call
4/10 WWTDD users will dick pic him

08/22/2012 23:08 Vanessa Hudgens is disappointing, confusing
She's a stripper in her new movie. Trailer is already out showing her dance on stage.

08/20/2012 18:23 afternoon headlines
Looks like Mila Kunis to me.

07/31/2012 20:59 Kendall Jenner might be the Hulk
Well I want to have sex with the hulk then.

07/23/2012 14:18 Minka Kelly. Has a sex tape.
If this gets released (or even pictures), my penis will thank the heaven every day.

07/18/2012 14:45 do Suris legs not work or something
Of course not. She was hit by a garbage truck.

06/04/2012 16:29 Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted about Kanye and Jay Z in Paris
Gwyneth is my niggah. Fuck off.

06/01/2012 18:38 Charlize Theron is just fantastic looking
Too good looking. I bet her vagina smells like melted gummy bears

06/01/2012 13:24 the Green Lantern is gay now
Well, 67% of people who read comics are homosexuals. Can't blame DC for appealing to their audience.

05/07/2012 13:21 Amanda Bynes hit another car
She's really self destructing. I hope she does a few homemade pornos that get released before she inevitably sobers up.

04/30/2012 18:20 Sofia Vergara is photogenic
I came.

04/24/2012 18:45 Megan Fox doesn't look pregnant
I would eat that vagina until I reached baby.

04/23/2012 19:53 Sara Jean Underwood is her to seduce/bore you
Chee her two subdue/boar u.

04/20/2012 22:01 Selena Gomez says kissing Justin Bieber is humiliating
Wow, outing Selena through the kiss cam? That's fucked up and her own business. You're supposed to be experimenting at her age anyway. I fully support girl on girl action. You should too.